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Posted by Sanket Patel

December 11, 2011

Google 5 min read

Google Alert: Best practices

Hi Blurbpoint Media Friends,

Today I am going to demonstrate, how Google Alert can be utilize effectively. As we all know, we get alert of the keyword which we have put in the alert as soon as Google index pages containing that keyword. But I don’t know you people know or don’t know about it, you can filter Google Alert Results. Suppose I only need news result then one has to select only news in category.

The main thing I want to highlight to all my SEO Friends is that you can compare between all results and best results as per Google. If you have six or more  month data of all result vs best result then it will help you in building future SEO strategy. For example, You can collect best news website data , best discussion website, best blog websites, best video website and best book website data which normally comes in best results. Which type of content normally comes in best Results.

I have collected six month data for one my website. It has help me in finding best article writer for our article submission service andpress release submission service because I mainly get their articles and press releases in best results. Hope you people likes it. I am waiting for your valuable comments.


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