February 2013, First PageRank Update of This Year by Google - Blurbpoint

Posted by Sanket Patel

February 06, 2013

Google 4 min read

In the world of the Internet, We all know the importance of Google PageRank. Now the time has come when many people have already started noticing the update from the first week of February 2013. This is the first PR update of this year scheduled by the Google. The earlier Page Rank update was in November 2012 and before that it was in August 2012. It has been observed that Google made these Page rank updates in the Google Toolbar in the intervals of every three months or so. This means that there are usually four PR updates in a year that are being introduced by the Google.

Google PageRank Update 2013

This year’s PR update has come like an advanced Valentine Day Gift to various webmasters in the month of February as many of them have noticed an increased page rank of their site. Most of the people have started observing some changes in the Page Ranks from Monday (4th Feb 2013). It has been assumed that this change will bring many surprises for us. So, lets hope for the best and continue to follow the Google guidelines in order to remain in good position.


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