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Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 01, 2013

SMM 6 min read

As we all aware about Facebook released its Custom audiences tool for Marketers through which Marketers are rolled out their customers and also target the people with relevant ads on Facebook. Many business are already work with third party partners to increase their online and offline marketing or else creating campaigns on Facebook. Through which those firms are easily rolled out in the Market and target people to whom they have done business with in past by using their phone number or Email addresses.

Facebook custom audience tool

With the announced of Facebook audience tool the business are able to use Datalodgic,Epsilon,Acxiom and BlueKai to better target their ads.

Facebook is allowing its advertisers to work with third – party marketing firms to help for better marketing and targeting their ads in social networks and also integrate with those third parties to create predefine targeting categories on Facebook. So, That will be easy for any business to target particular categories like “ Mobile Brands” or relates to any Technologies term.

Launching of this custom audience tool . Those who are select partners use a privacy and data protective matching process. But, For this process Facebook can not share any private information about individuals with marketers. There is no doubt for that, people are still have the same control over the ads  which they seen on Facebook. They are able to learn more about Ads they see on Facebook , Give feedback or opt-out using the controls. It’s main Goal is that showing the right ads to the right people , They have been able to increase its effectiveness to their Facebook campaigns.

The marketing changes rolling  out in the coming weeks, starting in the U.S. You are also able to visit Facebook official privacy page.


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