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Posted by Anal Bhatt

February 26, 2013

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Facebook Just Announced Its SDK Version For IOS

It’s very interesting to know Facebook announced its version 3.2 of its SDK for ios. It’s been a quite a while since Facebook last updated its iOS SDK , Its came out around the launch of the iphone. But, the latest update of SDK doesn’t have a major ios update that to piggyback on , but also it has some features that ios developers will appreciate.

Unfortunately, the big update is around with better mobile analytics so, that the developers can get a better idea that how their app will going to be integrate.

Facebook just announced its SDK version for IOSImage Credit: Globalnerdy.com

We have added many features that helps you to understanding how people use these apps and also measures its quality and monetize the potentiality

1)App Usage Metrics: Now the additional Metrics such as IOS 6 native share sheet and native UI controls usage will be enabled and you can now logged through SDK. These metrics can be shown these metrics on App Insights to help you understand how people are interacting with your app.

2)Optimize the Ads: Integrating with SDK will let you log conversation events from your apps. Conversion measurement helps businesses to measure and optimize the return on Investment of their Facebook Ads which are reporting on the actions people who are viewing those ads.

3)Purchase Events: We are enabled to previewing support for logging in and it will be purchase events with selected partners.

4)Enhanced error handling: SDK support and documentation will enabled for all classes of Error Responses. According to Facebook “ SDK will automatically categories errors by common application handling behaviour and also provide helpers to notify some common error response cases”.

5)API Improvements: A new FBAcessTokenData type make it easier to open a session from Token Data and will enable to handle app and better linking.

Improvement to Facebook’s SDK are really very important as many company noticed that over 45 percent of the top 400 grossing IOS app is integrated with the Social Networks. So, I can say that you will loved to enjoy the version SDK 3.2 for IOS, because it seems to be fully backwards compatible.

You can Download Version 3.2 of the Facebook SDK for IOS.


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