Expert Interviews: A Link Building Guide to Leverage from the Hottest Property

Posted by Khyati Patel

January 20, 2014

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Those in the online marketing industry would always welcome new ways to build links with a smile. In today’s scenario when guest posting and infographics have become mainstream, online marketers could leverage heavily by publishing expert interviews on their client’s site. This not only helps in leveraging the existing following of the influential people, but it also satisfies your readers with useful and unique information in the form of questions and answers. This effectively increases the chances of getting more backlinks and social shares.

We are grateful to people like Neil Patel, Ruth Burr, Mike Ramsey, Chris Green, Gianluca Fiorelli and Julie Joyce who were humble enough to give an interview. We, in fact managed to get a good traffic based on the backlinks for the same. Similarly, if we are roping in influential names in the given field and the information is good enough, readers would definitely get impressed and share it with others.

Expert Interviews

Interviews provide a great platform to share valuable information from authoritative people and provide practical and actionable knowledge to the audience.

How to find people worth interviewing?

This task could be carried out at the search engines initially. The query could be put in such as “interview with” along with the industry or topic for which you are searching the interviews. The interviews ranking on the top pages of SERP’s are generally of good quality. It is good to manually check out the SERP’s and check out the knowledgeable people to interview after thoroughly studying each one of them. Reading all the top SERP interviews will give a clear idea as to who is more active in the particular niche and willing to give an interview.

How to invite people for an interview?

If the names that you have selected are influential and busy throughout the day, you could contact them socially. Or you could preferably right a nice email that is personalized, concise to the point that it conveys the primary message, talks about your website, includes links to the previous interviews.

How to set up the Q & A for an interview?

Through in-depth interviews are great sources of information, people generally don’t like the ones that have an endless number of questions. Too many questions do not help, however, the questions that are well answered and provide deep insights into a topic are more loved by people. There should be a balance of everything. Before conducting the interview ask a couple of questions to the person in advance:

• How much time would they be able to dedicate

• What kind of questions would be preferred?/What kind of questions would not be entertained.

Read at least 3-5 previous interviews of the person so that you do not repeat the same questions that the person has answered earlier. If you are planning a video interview, try a crowdsourced video interview in the form of Google+ Hangout Air.

Generating the Buzz:

If the interview is of a well-known person, regardless of your interview being good or bad is going to produce some initial reactions. The reactions could be positive or negative depending on the quality of the interview.
If not on their personal blogs, people generally share their interviews on social media accounts at the least.

This itself helps in driving a fair amount of traffic at the interview page depending on the popularity of the person. The first thing to do after the interview has been conducted and is life, is to start the essential social media sharing tasks namely posting, tweeting and sharing.

Also, depending upon the priority of the interview, one could send their email subscribers with a short description, post about the interview on various relevant forums, share it on social bookmarking sites and could even take the benefits of promotional strategies such as:

• Tweets promoted by Twitter

• Posts promoted by Facebook

• Paid StumbleUpon

Genuinely good content will definite attract an increasing number of qualified and high-quality traffic. The sharing process is done automatically by your followers and other relevant audience if they find resourceful and engaging content and you won’t have to worry about sharing it twice or thrice a day. Happy readers will take care of the sharing process.

It is recommended to avoid PPC promotion like Adwords as it doesn’t go down well with the promotion goals over here that is not revenue generation.

How to Generate Links with Expert Interviews

Of course, the sharing process does the trick for you. However, that’s not only how you would want your great content to be promoted. In order to get the desired response, you should engage in other link prospecting techniques such as link suggesting, manual exposure and others.

Some of the other things one could do are:

• Ask other relevant sites with a good track record of sharing interviews on similar topics through email. Ask them to check out, and not directly link to the content.

• At the end of the post, ask the readers to share it socially and also on their own sites. Social shares would also count, as they have the potential to grab the attention of someone else and attract real links.

• If the interview is in the form of a video, make sure that you instruct the viewers on how the video could be embedded anywhere else.

• Leverage the relationship with other people in the industry to get more mentions, links and shares.


To sum it up, expert interviews are a great way to acquire organic links of high-quality. If you feel that you have all that it takes to get the maximum benefit out of it, in addition to satisfying your readers, you’ll also attract links given on editorial that no other campaign could give.


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