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June 14, 2019

Expert Interview 18 min read

An Expert Interview with Larry Kim – CEO of MobileMonkey

Blurbpoint welcomes world-renowned author and marketer – Larry Kim. He is the founder and CEO of MobileMonkey, the world’s best Facebook Messenger marketing platform. Also, Larry is the founder and former CTO of WordStream, Inc., which is the leading provider of AdWords, Facebook and keyword tools used by over a million marketers worldwide. He is an incredible content creator and, his articles have published to almost every prestigious digital marketing blogs and publications from the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes and Inc.

Everybody knows that Larry is the brain that brought revolution to the digital marketing community and we are very excited to have him with us on this interview, which will help our audience to know Larry and his vision even better.

Vishal: What Major Changes Did You find in Facebook Marketing for 2019?

Larry Kim:   Some of the major changes include:

Vishal: How do you Measure the Success of Your Facebook Campaigns?

Larry Kim:

  • Paid Facebook Ad campaigns have specific metrics like cost per lead or cost per sale. If the campaigns perform to your objectives, you’ve succeeded. If not, you need to rethink the copy, offer, ad targeting and experience.
  • Organic Facebook campaigns are more about driving brand visibility so I would be looking at engagement numbers to determine if people were interested in your content or not. For example, I have a popular Facebook Group and we look at the engagement numbers like Group Member growth, number of posts/responses, engagement rates, etc.

Vishal: Social Media Predictions For 2019

Larry Kim: 

  • The newsfeed as we know it is dead. Facebook gets in trouble both for removing content from the news feed, and for not removing content from the news feed. They don’t want to be responsible for what happens on the news feed so they are burring page content in favor of Groups and private messaging.

Vishal: What is Your Top SEO Raking Factor For 2019?

Larry Kim: 

Vishal: What the First Thing You Do When Your Website Affected by Google Penalty?

 Larry Kim:

  • I have never had a Google Penalty so I can’t say this is something I know much about. I recommend talking to someone who understands this space like Glenn Gabe!

Vishal: How to Survive Your Ranking for the Voice Search Revolution?

 Larry Kim:

  • I think the voice search revolution is a lot of hype and you need not do much stuff to survive it.
  • The stuff that you need to do is basically related to making your website more mobile-friendly, which you would do anyway, even if voice search wasn’t a thing.

Vishal: How Does Content Marketing Dominate 2019?

Larry Kim:

  • We focus on time and effort on our “unicorn content”. The content that has proven itself to have high engagement, which is likely to continue to do well if additional resources are spend on promoting or repurposing it.

Vishal: Top 3 Game-Changing Strategies to Crush Marketing in 2019

Larry Kim:

Vishal: Does Remarketing Strategy Play Major Role In PPC?

Larry Kim:

  • Yes. As PPC ad costs continue to rise, we are today leveraging PPC marketing more for converting existing demand, rather than trying to create new opportunities, which is very expensive.

Vishal: What Do You Think Does PPC Advertising Impact SEO?

Larry Kim:

  • Yes! PPC advertising like display ads or Facebook ads can increase brand awareness which in turn increases click-through-rates (because people click on the things they have heard of before!)

Vishal: What are the Best Ways to Optimize Google Adwords for  Mobile Campaigns?

Larry Kim:

  • The main thing to do is firstly turn off mobile ad campaigns if your site isn’t delivering an amazing mobile experience.
  • Another idea was to send ad traffic directly to chatbots rather than to regular landing pages since messaging provides an amazing native mobile-friendly experience.

Vishal: Best New Extensions & Features For PPC

Larry Kim:

  • We are seeing incredible results when using Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads! If you’re spending any money on Facebook Ads, I highly recommend you try them out.

Vishal: Ultimate Way to Secure PPC Campaigns from Fake Clicks

 Larry Kim:   Couple of ideas:

  • Avoid using Automatic Placements on Google Display Network and avoid Facebook Audience Network all together.
  • When using auto-bidding, set the goals to be “harder goals” like completed purchases, since bots can easily fill out forms and trigger “fake conversions”.

Vishal: Game Changing PPC Strategy For 2019

Larry Kim:

  • You can read them here.

Vishal: Your Top 3 Rules For Success

Larry Kim: I’ve been working on growth marketing for over a decade and  along the way, I’ve discovered three key principles that make all the difference:

  • Be Somewhat Delusional
  • Find Your Unicorn Growth Hack
  • Make Unicorn Babies

Read more about this here.


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