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Posted by Hetal Trivedi

September 11, 2019

Expert Interview 25 min read

An Expert Interview With Jitendra Vaswani – Founder of Bloggersideas


It was an opportunity for the team of Blurbpoint to have an approachable conversation with Digital Transforming Practitioner Jitendra Vaswani (founder of Kickass Internet Marketing Blog, Incorporating his expertise of the niche, we tailored some interesting questions that help one in retrieving a better understanding of the subject, especially digital marketing and SEO. The concept of SEO has gained a lot of buzzes recently and while sharing his thoughts, he shared his insights, tips, and advice that can help one in understanding the subject.

In the quest of learning and approaching more, he has penned down a book called, “A hustler’s brain: In pursuit of financial freedom”. Give this interview a good glance to learn and understand a customized approach to the strategies of digital marketing and palpating the notch.

Hetal: Does Expired Domain Rank faster than Newer One?


Hell yeah, expired domain are the best way to start in 2019, having new domain it’s pretty useless in 2019 unless you want to build a brand, if you want to make money online website expired domains will help you to rank faster.

I have list of websites where you can find expired domains check here.

Hetal: Which Social Platform is Effective for Video Content Marketing?


Currently, Linkedin & Tiktok is one of the best social platforms out there which are under leverage & brands can use these platforms to create awareness. Social media is not toxic,we are living in the best era of tech where social media can be great tool for getting your brand message out there. Video works very well on these 2 platforms & finding targeting audience is very easy.

Hetal: Biggest SEO Myths You Suggest to Unfollow?


Nofollow links still work in SEO & you need to keep the ratio of do-follow & nofollow, I have seen many companies only want dofollow links & they don’t maintain the ratios, then later get penalized by Google for it.

Hetal: How Does Content Marketing Boost Your Revenue?


These days I am doing lot of content marketing, like doing outreach for backlinks & taking expert roundups on my blog. If you keep bring experts on your blog to guest and share their opinions on digital marketing trends, this will surely boost your content marketing revenue.

Hetal: Does a Visual Content Strategy Engage the Audience Faster?


Of course visual content works very well in 2019 & in the upcoming 5 yrs, visual content will take over the text content. 91% of people like visual content over written content:

This is a huge deal for content creators, and the Forbes article itself is a perfect case study for marketers to analyse the trends. There is another case study that People can follow instructions 323% better when visuals are used.

As you can see on my blog, I do lot of video interviews with the experts and podcast too working very well for all the leading marketers like Gary Vee, Lewis Howes & Grant Cardone.

Hetal:Your 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Increase the Sell?


Currently, I am doing SEO & Google ads to promote affiliate products.

1. For adwords I am trying to find low CPC keyword where I can bid and start getting sales, to find those keywords I use Shareasale, & Facebook ads to get product ideas.

2. For SEO I am optimizing my content which is ranking on the first page & I am pushing it #1 position so I can generate more sales.

3. Whenever you running affiliate website & doing product reviews, make sure you have pros & cons of the product. This will guarantee increase sales & provide uses more trust to click on your affiliate link & buy.

Hetal:How Do You See Google’s June Core Algorithm Update?


Google algo’s are always instant and they hit many authority websites in 2019 and I have seen my friends who have DA of 60+ still got penalized for not spamming anything. I think it’s very hard to predict SEO updates happening in recent months. Some experts saying buying expired domains will help you rank better in 2019 some says it might penalize your business.

What I believe is that keep your website content unique & updated. Give the best user experience & don’t care too much about Google Algorithm.

Hetal:Does Adwords Effective for Local Small Businesses?


Yes of course why not small businesses can target city-wise keywords and can get leads for their business, for e.g. small hotel in Chiang mai Thailand, can generate leads if they bid for keyword like cheap hotel in Chiang mai, its all about finding local niche based keywords & optimizing your landing page to provide user best experience. Don’t mislead with information otherwise, you will spending a lot of money on Ads without any leads.

Hetal:Does Dynamic Search Ads are More Effective for Local Businesses?


Yes, Dynamic search ads are a great way to match user’s intent for local businesses & perhaps it has the biggest advantage that they fill in any gaps that your keyword choices leave behind.

Because Google bot crawls your website looking for keywords, it can often identify ones that you’ve overlooked in your campaign selection, or include ones that were initially thought too low volume to bid on in AdWords.

Hetal:3 Deadly PPC Mistake Need to Avoid for the Successful Campaign?


3 Mistakes I did for PPC campaign

1. Running a single ad campaign for all countries together, segmentation here is important.
2. Turning off Manual bidding, this has cost $$$ for some campaigns, where I did automatic bidding.
3. Targeting Broad Keywords.

Hetal:What Strategies Would You Suggest to Generate Leads?


The skillset you are good at will help you to generate leads, as for me I am good at SEO & Google ads, so I generate leads through these strategies, someone may be good at FB ads, so audit yourself. Don’t just blindly follow the guru, analyse & experiment your campaigns through different channels. The one channel that gives you maximum ROI focus on that.

Hetal:What Metric is the Best for Successful Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?


There are a lot of tactics to see best results for CRO on your business website,

1. Keep testing out the landing pages designs like CTA buttons & pricing options
2. Having lead flows on your business blogs, having lead flows on my personal blog have given me 125% more sign-ups.
3. Optimize high performing blogs posts adjusting content design & adding FAQ’s section the content section.
4. Leverage retargeting to get back your website visitors to take action on your landing page.

Hetal:Your Top 3 Rules For Success


1. Never take advice from someone who never did himself
2. Don’t listen to your family, friends & society, these are major roadblocks for your success.
3. Audit yourself occasionally & see what is working best for your business, analyse the social channel & scale that to the max. Don’t focus on too many things, because multitasking is a myth.

Through my first book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” I want to help people to take actions in their life and bring change in people’s mindset. To have an entrepreneur mindset is everything.


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