Effective Twitter Marketing Tips

Posted by Anant Patel

November 20, 2012

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Twitter, the site originally launched back in 2006, it was unique at that time. The social platform has since gone through a number of changes but overall the basic micro-blogging element has remained the same.

Part of the attraction is the ability to share everything with everyone, in quick time and in 140 characters or less. Some people use the site to keep track of their favourite celebrities; many celebrities are very active on Twitter. The micro-blogging website currently has 500 million active users and is ranked #8 on Alexa worldwide.

Just type your news/feelings/status in 140 characters and you can post right away using your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Whatever your brand of phone there will be an app available.

Thanks to the huge traffic that the site gets, it presents a great opportunity for marketing teams and businesses. The site is free for everyone to use, this is obviously a great advantage.

If you know how to use it effectively twitter can really boost your customer experience, online reputation and business in general, below are some ideas to help you use Twitter and effectively promote your business:

Make a face for your brand: Online social platforms are more of a face for your company and are essential for marketing. Make sure that your brand has an official Twitter account and keep it interactive as part of your online marketing campaigns. Hold exclusive promotions and let people know why they should be using your services. The platform should be used to answer questions that potential and existing customers have, make sure that you monitor customer comments closely and listen to their complaints as well. Making a good reputation for your brand is very important in the long term, don’t miss the opportunity.

Stay in contact of bloggers/media: Contact the mainstream press and bloggers who blog about and are related to your field, niche or vertical. People with a big follower count can really have a lot of clout and influence on Twitter. Try following them, they may follow you back. You could even try sending them a tweet and holding a conversation with them on twitter, if the people who have gained a name for themselves tweet about your brand, it won’t go unheard.

Monitor the opinion of your brand: People share a lot of things about their daily life, including what products and services they like and what they need. You can easily monitor what people are saying about your brand and you can try contacting them directly, if they have a bad experience they can offer you valuable feedback.

Announce discount offers: One effective way of getting your business popular on Twitter is to make sure that you offer discounts, contests or special deals for your twitter followers. This Twitter marketing strategy is useful to gain more followers and make more sales of your product.

Live updates: The one thing that is a must for Twitter marketing is that you keep your followers interested. You should provide all the latest company and industry updates new product or service news and other offers on your twitter timeline; make sure that your followers know about your brand and the services you offer.

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