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Posted by Anal Bhatt

May 08, 2013

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As per our previous post of Broken Link Building Strategy to Get Links, I hope you all are aware of it. Here are some tips on how you can use blogrolls to produce a list of relevant blogs as much as possible and checking those blogs if any of them return 404 errors. There are many SEO tools available like SoloSEO link tool, which is helpful to pull up blogs based on relevant keywords.

Let’s get to know Effective Broken link Tips which really be informative to boost your search Rankings.

1)Find a few blogs
You can start to finding a few blogs that consider blogrolls. It should be far better if you have more blogs and the longer blogrolls.

2)Multiply your list
Take the URLs of these blogs and put them into Buzzstream blogroll list builder. I will explain you through the below example:

buzzstream for link building

Once you hit Go, it searches the blogs and finds every blog in their blogroll. One thing you noticed over here that I was having some issues with it in chrome , So if you want to do as well , then you need to switch browsers.

3)Rinse and repeat
Now,come up with next step. Download the results as CSV. You just need to open it up in Excel and copy and paste the blogroll URLs back into the list builder tool. You have to make it a sizeable list, but make sure might be you will run into the issue of irrelevant blogs while you entering the list of blogrolls. Keep that in mind.

4)Check the status of the URLs
Now, Keep your list of URL into Citation Lab’s URL status checker tool. This tool will help you to check if any of the blogrolls are 404s or not.

URL Status Checker

When you finished the report then you can export to CSV.

5)Select the Best option

Here are a few popular options; It’s depends upon you how you want to use this list for broken link building.

a)Blogroll Links
Now, You should visit the list of 404 and plug them into different link tools like Open site explorer,Ahrefs.Com or MajesticSEO. Check the all top links which comes from a home page, these are almost blogroll links.
Go to the homepage and use Check My Links chrome extension, it is necessary because if one link in their blogroll is broken then there is a chance to have few others. Reach out the bloggers – letting them know of the broken links. Ask them if they are ready to replaced with a link to your blog since it’s related.

b)Dead Content Links
Now , its time to check the content link through Top pages section in the tool. Find the most linked to content and plug those URLs into Archive.org to see what content used to be there.
Now, its time to rewrite content. But make sure “ content is king” , You should write an unique content with valuable information. This content not only attract links but you can now use this for broken link building.
Take the URLs of the broken, linked to content and plug it into your link tool. Check the all list and find the most valuable links to that content, Reach out to the webmasters/bloggers of those sites and let them know that page is broken. Tell them to update the broken links by now linking to you.

Other purposes:
With the usage of this list of 404s , you can also see if any of those domains are:-

Expired & available to register
Available to purchase in auctions
Available to outright purchase

If they have enough links to them, you can put some content up and include a few links back to you. Make sure your content on the top pages and they are already loaded with link juice.

So,Now you can take that list of blogrolls, remove all the 404s & duplicates, use the Mozscape API to find most authoritative blogs in your niche. This is the process which helpful to boost your search rankings. What do you think of this process? I would love to hear your thoughts below !!


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