Do Small Businesses need SEO? Or Local SEO??

Posted by Hiren Vaghela

July 22, 2013

SEO 9 min read

Search engine optimization was something very unfamiliar to many small businesses a few years ago. However, with the continuous evolution of the Internet, and the number of users getting connected with businesses online is increasing, you ae inescapable from the trap of SEO.

The big question is that do you need a full fledged SEO service for your local small time business? Well, let’s say that you own a cake shop in an area in LA. Will you be trying to outreach your business to UK or, in that case, some countries of Asia. Why would you do that when your main target is reaching out to the prospects in your local area? So, it is wise to go with the tactics of Local SEO to promote your business and get more prospects from your local area.

You have started a local business. What is the sure shot way to promote it? Of course, you will be giving local daily ads and other stuff, and also you resort highly to word of the mouth publicity. However, the picture is different in the case of having a website and promoting your local business over the same. It requires special tactics. Let’s see how local SEO could be implemented so as to get more exposure for your local business.

Get listed locally: This is one of the best parts of SEO. Simply list your business on Google Places so as to attract more and more customers from your local area for your local business.

Get Reviews: It is now time to encourage your satisfied customers to go to Google Places and enter their reviews on the products or services that you have offered.

Local Business Websites: Find all those websites like Yellow Pages, SuperPages, Craiglist and others which will help in spreading your presence online.

Update website: Whatever be the updates regarding your products or services, make sure that the same is posted online for your visiors. If you are offering a 20% discount, it should be mentioned on your website as well.

Get Social: Make your online presence social as well as social networking websites are a perfect platform for targeting your desired customers who are looking for the products or services that you have to offer.

Final Thoughts:

These very basic SEO techniques may seem very obscure, however they will provide a great start to your local business SEO campaign. Small businessmen, always make sure that you stress on the fact to your SEO expert that you are looking for local business SEO, and not a global exposure. Remember, all the countries have window cleaners. Customers in UK are not going to call you in US to have their windows cleaned.


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