Different Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Posted by Sanket Patel

May 06, 2010

SMM 6 min read

If you are a true internet surfer then you should know that Twitter is one of the best means of communication between individuals. With its growing popularity, Twitter has become every internet surfers’ life today. Seeing its wider importance in the market, now many organizations are coming up on Twitter for one or other reasons. Today Twitter is known as a communication tool for both consumers and businesses. Twitter is well known and easy to use platform among surfers. Twitter can be used for sharing information speedily, event updates, relationship building, and even for business promotions. Today each and every business uses Twitter for its internet marketing purposes in a broader sense.

Internet surfers should know that there are as many as 62 different ways to use Twitter for business. If you want to do market research, communicate with your customers, get reviews from your consumers, build brand identity, want to provide selected highlights, invitations to a conference, event, everything is possible now on Twitter. Before starting a business on Twitter certain tips are highly important to know such as create a Company profile, Personalize your profile, Build Relationships, Grow your network, Respond your Mentions, Communicate with your network in a casual tone, Monitor messages sent to you, Listen to your customers, Tweet Updates regarding your products, offers, coupons, conferences and events, Search people interested in a product or service you offer, Join groups related to your business, and Link to valuable resources for your customers.

If you are serious to start up your business with Twitter then do it as it will help you in many ways. Before this, if you want to take any expert guidance or internet surfers’ view then also it can become a very strong tool for your business on Twitter.


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