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Our 360-degree precise approach to digital marketing, helps you in building a strong online connection with your present and potential clients. We believe in sustainable growth and make it possible by making a significant difference for each of our clients. We help you in driving more leads with a smart and to-the-point strategy.

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Why you should opt for local SEO?

Customized campaigns

What makes us one of the best SEO companies in Chicago is the fact that we do not follow a typical format when it comes to designing campaigns for our clients. We study the business niche of the clients and then our team designs the campaign that would work the best and provide optimum results as quickly as possible. Keyword research is done based on the same.

Expertise and experience

We are an SEO company in Chicago and have been in business for more than a decade. Needless to say, our entire team is well embraced with the latest SEO tricks and Google algorithms which serve as the pillars for your brand's growth.

Monthly reporting

We believe that transparency and one-to-one communication are two of the main factors that add value to any campaign. We will provide you an in-depth report so that you can see whether or not the keywords are ranking, we will also provide you with a detailed breakdown of average traffic and competitive analysis. Based on these reports you will be able to have a look at the effectiveness of the campaign.

Ethical approach

Rome was not built in a day, right? We believe in taking our time and carefully curating SEO strategies which are exclusive for your business. Success has no shortcuts so we do not believe in opting for unethical and dubious practices which provide quick and inorganic results. We make sure to abide by Google standards when it comes to link building and optimization.


We understand that for your business to grow successfully, you need to be competitive online.
Staying on top of trends and new SEO inventions- Or, you can go ahead and hire us!

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Our authentic local SEO services include:

Citation audit

We make sure that no wrong information affects your local SEO rankings. Our SEO battalion provides a 360-degree solution approach with consistent citation audit and annual clean up services that help one in removing any unnecessary data and replace them with an authentic one. This will improve your listing and we ensure that right customers head to you, right on time.

Citation Building

Our experts provide solutions that are fast and easy which helps in the implementation of manual citation building. Our reliable tool provides a comprehensive boost to your local search ranking and ensures maximum viable accuracy.

Local SEO

Our SEO audit covers four pillars of a business which include, link authority, local listings, customer reviews, and Google landing. Our audit reports of local SEO are made in a way that is convenient for you to understand.

Overall SEO

Our on-page SEO optimizations cover major factors like on-page content, meta tags and titles, web designing issues and editing. These factors help you in getting optimum exposure to the platform.

Content strategy

When it comes to our content, rest assured that it is going to be the best. When it comes to SEO services in Chicago, you can pen us down for you and more recommendations. We know content is the core of SEO and make sure to optimize your site is by creating well-written, unique and quality content which adds value to your business.

Link Building

When you trust us to provide the best SEO Services in Chicago we make sure that our focus is not only on getting links but rather on getting quality links. We will conduct a detailed audit of your website and remove any potentially harmful or spam links. we will build your site by adding maximum quality back-links so that better results are derived.

SEO for multi-location business

When you are juggling from one place to another, you don't have to worry about its coverage on online medium. We've got it covered for you. We create a location-centric pages and add all the necessary information for a niche location on Google-business. We take care of everything and make sure that your customers know everything about you.

Our strategy will land you on the right spot and will definitely superseed your competitors.

We offer a result-driven SEO service in Chicago!

Your business is all set. It has some really unique products and quality services but it's not reaching the maximum number of people. This is the most common problem faced by budding business owners and entrepreneurs and this harms their ROI on a major level. Reaching out to the audience who can become your potential buyers is inevitable in today's era of cut-throat competition. This is when businesses think about giving a try to SEO in Chicago.

So, what can you do about it?

One of the most widely used tactics to amp up the online presence of any business is by using Search Engine Optimization. These services can help your website rank better and gain more organic traffic for your website. Our SEO experts in Chicago will be at your assistance at every step and help in achieving desired results for your website.

How can we help?

Although SEO takes time to work its magic, we can help you get started in a few easy steps. Our SEO services in Chicago is known to be the first choice of thousands of business when it comes to boosting the online presence of a business.

We will take care of the on-site as well as off-site optimization and content marketing. Our SEO company is Chicago has the best SEO experts and content managers who can customize content and target keywords that are trending as per your business niche. first choice of thousands of business when it comes to boosting the online presence of a business.

Facing our way up in the SEO industry for over a decade now, our SEO experts in Chicago will put together the best strategies team of professionals will give you an overview of various factors that go into ranking your website and attracting organic traffic to it. We commence by identifying the current position of your website and then do the needful to boost its ranking.

Why you should choose Blurbpoint
for your local SEO needs?

You don't deserve a good SEO service and strategy. You deserve a great SEO.

We make sure to refine our strategy and our process, timely delivery is what makes us great. Our keyword selection, infusion and research ensure quality traffic to your site. Our optimization works on both on-site and off-site model, aims to elevate your traffic and rankings.

Quantum Speed Vs Qualified Speed

We are in no rush to give you an inorganic, no-result driven campaign that leads to nowhere. SEO is a long, consistent game. Make no mistake by expecting immediate results and anyone who claims otherwise is just a sell-out. Be patient when strategizing a foundation for SEO. Invest your time and resource to the right SEO service, that pays off.


Don't fall into a trap when you hear false claims like "I will get you on the top", "We will provide you this much of links". When a service guarantees things like these, run as fast as you can. We help you in setting realistic SEO goals without any false promises.

Isn't that the shortcut? No!

Avoid an agency that opts for shortcuts. Even though you will come across many agencies that work on shortcuts and guarantees top results, but fortunately, those days are over. Google is aware of these tactics and we make sure to play fair and give you the desired results and customers.