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Posted by Anant Patel

February 20, 2013

Inbound Marketing 4 min read

Boost Your Business Marketing Through Social Media – Infographic

These days, an active entanglement in social media has evolve into a competitive demand. It allows an appropriate and timely interaction of businesses with their current and prospective clients. Social media is a great way to promote any brand and drive traffic to a website. By setting up a company profile on the major social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest, one can start publishing their own content. If it is interesting, people will follow it and share it with their friends. This way it will generate higher click-through to your site. It has been observed that around 61% of US marketers use social media to increase their lead-gen. Therefore, it is worthy to invest in social media marketing as it can bring an increased ROI.

Social Media InfographicsAs per the data, a good number of businesses prefer using social media sites for their business. Here, one can find the percentage of businesses that are using social sites: Facebook- 90%, Linkedin- 53%, Twitter- 53% and Bloggers-33% . Looking at the data, it is clear that social media is truly an effective tactic. That is why, 64% of business owners, investing in these sites are confident enough that this tactic will eventually produce ROI.


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