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Posted by Sanket Patel

July 08, 2013

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We take great pleasure in announcing that Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. had conducted a seminar on 5th July at Ahmedabad Management Association.

Renowned IT companies made their presence felt in this very informative seminar which was divided into 2 parts: “State Of Internet Marketing in 2013” and “Killer SEO Myths In Gujju SE Optimizers”. The seminar was hosted by Anal Bhatt and presented combinedly by Monish Vora, Sr. SEO Expert and Tejas Kirodiwal, Technical Team Head.

Attendees of AMA

Attendees of AMA

Special mention and thanks to the attendees from Baroda representing the esteemed firm Dots and Coms, who despite of the bad weather attended the seminar thoroughly.

Monish gave some very valuable information as to what the current state of internet marketing is all about giving out some wonderful SEO and link building tactics. In addition to these, he also gave information on the best SEO tools in the internet marketing industry. The Guest Blogging segment of this presentation was very well explained by Tejas which gave light to some wonderful tactics.



Furthermore, Tejas also presented “Killer SEO Myths In Gujju SE Optimizers”, which was meant to give information on how Gujarati SEO companies are making their mark as far as digital marketing companies are concerned. In addition to this, he also made clear some of the common myths of the marketers around Gujarat and how they should be avoided in order to get excellent results.



Towards the end of the presentation we also had a Q & A session which was attended by both Monish and Tejas along with Ashish Chauhan (Senior Technical Head), Hiren Vaghela (Senior SEO Expert), Vivek Parikh (Sr. SEO Expert).



Certificates were handed out to all the participants for having attended and learnt the details of the seminar.

Thanks to Chintan Shukla (Event Organizer) and his team Ajay Chandnani, Vikram Rathod and Shashank Singh for successfully managing the seminar.

Chintan Shukla

Event Organizer Team

To conclude the seminar, Chintan came on the stage with an important announcement. Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has decided to donate the fees collected for this seminar to the victims of the Uttarakhand tragedy. We believe that the seminar was conducted for a noble cause of imparting some knowledge, and we took the same thinking forward with this act of charity.

Last, but not the least, thanks to Management Panel of Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd for having a vision and translating the same into reality.

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