Blog Content Ideas That Were Right There In Your Backyard

Posted by Monish Vora

November 10, 2015

Content Marketing 16 min read

Let’s admit that we, as content writers, have faced innumerable occasions when we have been at a loss of words and ideas to stay engaged with our blog audience. Even the most seasoned bloggers have felt the writer’s block and there have been times when they even start questioning their ability to generate quality ideas.

The good news is that you could overcome this block as there are several ways to generate ideas that were always there. There is no need to sabotage yourself as a result of the loss of ideas. You could get yourself out of the wicked circle and generate an idea that will engage your audience and help you in achieving the business goals through your blogs.

Leverage The Power of Your Customer’s Queries

When you want to communicate with your audience, the best way to do that is by knowing what kind of information do they need. This is one of the convenient methods, however, most marketers tend to overlook it. If more and more blog owners leveraged this, there will never be a dearth of blog posts on the Internet and what your prospects will get is only relevant information.

The process is quite simple. Figure out which one of the most asked questions. Turn the answer to this question into a blog post. One of the major goals of any content marketing strategy, including blogging, is to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. This is possible when you address the concerns of your targeted audience.

Write About What’s Buzzing

Choose a topic that the rest of the bloggers in the industry and influential people are talking about on their social media pages, blogs, or communities. Of course, you want to make your voice heard by giving your own point of view on the currently trending matter. Try analyzing what your counterparts are talking about, and observe which key points have been left out by them in their version of the discussion. When you give a holistic approach to a particular update that has taken place in the industry, the audience realizes that you are agile, analytical, and looking forward to engaging them with fresh content instead of just telling them what has happened and that they already know.

Absorb the new mediums and experiences to make a better version of what you are. You could look for fresh ideas at different industry-relevant news sites and following the people from your industry.

Welcome To The World Of Mind-Mapping

Check out all the blog posts that were most liked by your audience. Now you could create a series of themes that establish a relationship with all the best topics that have already been published on your blog. This is where you could depend on the mind-mapping strategies to let the brain go to its full potential and let you stay inspired.

Mind maps could also result in positive actions that could support your blogging objectives, like building a vast knowledge bank, setting up new objectives and even create summaries of the books. There are also mind mapping software available, like the MindJet and XMind

Reverse Engineer From Competitors’ Blogs

In order to stay updated in your niche, it is inevitable to subscribe to multiple industry-relevant blogs. This will help you stay on terms with your industry, let you become more creative and also come across a lot of interesting topics for which you might have better ideas than what has been already spoken about them on various other blogs. Your counterparts could become your unknown collaborators in the trade of blogging, so stay agile with the industry news and trends by reading what the competitors are saying.

Team Up With Fellow Industry Bloggers

It is a great idea to have a healthy bond with fellow bloggers. If you are sceptical about this and feel that it might be harmful for your position in the industry, it will work in sharp contrast to this. It will help in creating solid ties with the opinions of those people who matter the most in the niche and could help you stay in the minds of your targeted audience.

Collaboration for blog posts could also help you in getting the other bloggers audience to know about you as well, thus expanding your reach. Also, the collaboration process could land you up on an influencer who could help your content in becoming an overnight phenomenon.

Conclusion: Only You Could Write Your Blogging Success

Irrespective of which way are you selecting to reach your blogging success destination, it should always be kept in mind that in order to taste success you have to be persistent and put adequate time and energy into research and creativity to keep the audience hooked up.


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