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Posted by Anant Patel

December 03, 2011

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Blog Commenting as a Marketing Strategy for 2012

When we are entered in web marketing world, we can see that everyone is doing an interaction with the blog. So many people have sweet and sour relationship with blogs by writing comments as there marketing strategies. On other side, blog is one of the best techniques to make a way to enter and participate with other communities and blogger communities. But some people (spammer) are writing worthless or low quality comments on it and doing spamming on the blog.

To get an ongoing popularity people are taking a part in blog discussion. People are getting an experience of success and failure both in this field. So by seeing an interest of people, I am personally taking an interest in this topic to explain more in depth why we all are doing blog comments and what is the purpose behind to publishing it.

Why we all do comments on blog?

  • Increase Awareness: First of all, before writing comment on blog, get what the writer want to explain to you in his blog. Do blog comments and participate in blogger community to build a strong relationship with blogger. Write branding comments and spread awareness through your comments at least those readers or interactors, who are consistent comment reader. It depends on your selection that you select perfect blog to do comment, it becomes a positive marketing move to get success.


  • Get rank in search engine: Some blog having a “Do follow” link which are approved and they help to get rank in search engine. However, it’s my thought that all links are not useful as do follow and help to get rank in search engine. But leaving a link in your post is very valuable for your site and because of this bloggers are allowing to author to edit his/her post.


  • Get Direct traffic: The content which contains a link in it. If that post is informative and well written then reader click on link (rather than spammy one) will help to increase number of visit on your site. In this manner your post or a comment will help to get potential referral traffic towards your site.


  • Second-order marketing impact: Some effect can’t be able to see directly by comments, but later on when we add link in it. It will provide positive result to our site.


All points are very important, think about more strategically and do practice in blog commenting by taking participation in blog discussion. If we will go in right direction then it will help to come above from all things which give good results to you. Otherwise, it will give you a wrong impact in way of failure.

10 Marketing Strategy for blog comments:

1) Read last five posts written by author: Suppose that before you never take part in this blog community and show eagerness to know more about this blog. Read all previous discussion which is done by author, which gives you a sense of author, about his writing style, about his interest and etc. All this things helps you to make your impactful and positive impression through your comments.

2) Read at least 3 post valuable comments: To get more knowledge about the community you have to read some comments from other post also. Without going through this step you will never get any idea that where you have to place your comment, it contains any sense or not, having level of that community or get place in all comments. Your comment should be noticed in crowd but not due to a reason of inexperienced visitor. If you are totally a new one and visiting first time then I suggest you don’t leave link directly in your comment. Take time to our self to understand about blog community and get experience from it. This gives you positive impression in community and help to generate your value in it.

3) First refer previous post before put comments: Without forgetting, read previous comments which are posted in blog, its give you an idea of on going discussion of present thread. By performing this step your comment will be noticed by the readers and take seriously. If there are hundred’s of comments then it was ok  that you read only few comment of that thread and give reply or giving your suggestion according to last comment. Take care that your comment should be placed in an appropriate place.

4) Write content more then “tweet” & less then “blog post”: Your post word limit is up to you, but if it is up to 140 character or 2 to 3 short paragraphs then it is ok. There is big space but discuss in few points. If your comment is going longer then make a post, it will provide more value to your site and help to get traffic. If post is meaningful then some writer edits their post and gives your link as reference link. For this write informative, short and relevant comment in post itself and leave a link which is come back to your site to discuss more in depth.

5) Never put direct reference link in comment: If you drop direct reference link in your post then it will results you a bad impression as an blogger or author. These reference links are ignored by blogger up to 8 – 10 times. If you are leaving reference links continuously in comment then it will be removed by author before approval of rest of the comments. If you are thinking to leave a link in comment then it is better that give relevant comment on post, make comment more informative as well as interesting for other readers and leave non promotional links in it.

6) Maximum only one reference link to your own comment: If you are leaving a link in comment as a reference link for study or as reference material then its ok that how many time you placed link in comment. These types of links are allowable by blogger or author. If it is promotion in any way (the site link which is in your control) then practice that use it only once.

7) Put your real identity in profile and picture: A real trust and good will should be developed by a human face and name also. This information will be matched by bio of other sites like twitter, facebook and etc., all this is invaluable but important. From this step blogger should welcome you and treated as respectful member then black hat spammer.  If possible then use real identity, full name and save your picture also.

8) Be honest and reliable that why you are present their: You may be feel fear that by accepting that you are a marketer, a community manager, an SEO, etc and if anyone told you directly you feel worse or bad. From my personal experience I will suggest you give perfect detail “Honesty is best policy” this thing will help to improve your impression and provide strength to your background. In many communities you will make your title as ‘SEO Specialist’ or ‘SEO link builder’ but it gives you a worse effect. Instead of that title should be ‘Content Writer’, Blogger’ or ‘Organic marketing specialist’ if it is fit to your comment.This will shows that you are honest and create positive impression. So negative impression is decreases unfortunately which one is held by SEO spammers.

9) All right, to promote your comment in social way: Blog authors loves that their work is shared on facebook as well as on twitter as referral link in your post. It is best practice to share reference link on FB/ Twitter for reference and call blogger through name in your post. Blogger like this more and help to create positive impression.

10) Give your profile link on right place: When you are putting a reference link directly on site without having a relevant content, it would consider as spamming and you are damaging your impression. If post content is totally an off-topic form blog or community, at that time point out your bio profile page then home page.


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