Bing Desktop Integrates with new updates

Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 12, 2013

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As we all are aware of Last Year Bing Update, which integrates the beauty of Bing’s daily homepage images. So, That would be easy for us to make an integrated quick and convenient way to search from the Desktop. Now, Bing has introduced the New updates Based on our feedback and for making a great experience as well.

If you are a Regular Bing user or chances that you going to use the Bing desktop, Then it will be a really good experience that you ever feel. There were so many changes updated last year as it brought a simplified version of the Bing search Bar to desktop, after that Microsoft thought to added more features. Now, Bing updates with more new options including Facebook integration.

Bing Desktop Integrates with new updates
This time Bing releasing three new features of its new version. Let’s have a look at these all features:

1) Bing Desktop allows you to check your news feed and friend’s photos on Facebook without launching a browser.

2)Bing lets you fast access the window’s TaskBar

3) You can customize the options menu of Bing desktop that makes easy the way you search.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Keep Tabs on Facebook Desktop: Now That is easy for you to enjoy updates and getting connected with Facebook without opening a browser. You can get updates with posts, comments in just simple clicks.

Easy ways to faster access Bing: Bing Introduced to accessing new search Bar to getting fast access through very easy ways.

It allows minimizing windows Taskbar as a toolbar.

It is customized to set a keyboard shortcut through which you can launch the search Box with simple keystrokes.

You can minimize the search Bar to your system tray.

Develop new personalized features: Bing introducing new personalized features with new settings which allows you to set recent homepage images to display on your desktop wallpaper. It can easily control your all search history and make the choice of whether Bing desktop loads when windows start.

The latest update is available across all versions in the U.S(Chicago, Newyork), U.K, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, China and Japan.

You can download this version over here and enjoy the new experience of Bing updates.


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