An Encounter with Tumblr

Posted by Anant Patel

January 16, 2014

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It becomes quite normal for online marketers to overlook some of the important social media platforms for promoting their content online. What with some many social networking sites turning up?

Tumblr has most often been overlooked (though it is getting its due respect now), however, it has a lot of potential for SEO and social media marketing. Those who were slow to adopt Tumblr as a platform for all their social media marketing efforts have started using it and are getting hooked up to its simplicity and power.

Today, Tumblr is everywhere: not only for its entertainment quotient but also for inspiration. It’s time to get updated about the hot property in the social media circuit as it is here to stay, probably for infinity. Here are 32 things that you should know about Tumblr

1. More than 40 million users of Tumblr are located in the U.S. It makes up 31% of the total users around the globe

2. Until January 2014, there have been 72 billion posts on Tumblr since it started in 2007.

3. As per the records of Comscore, it is the 28th highest traffic site.

4. According to Yahoo, Tumblr has 300 million unique visitors.

5. Almost half the users of Tumblr are under 25 years of age

6. Tumblr consists of 53.5 female users

7. Tumblr is more popular than Facebook among 13-25-year-olds

8. After launching in February 2007, it only took 2 weeks for Tumblr to get 75,000 users

9. A maximum of only 4 per cent is adult content

10. In January 2014, the top 5 countries to use Tumbler were the US, India, Uk, Brazil and France

11. Tumblr is available in 13 different languages

12. 17% of visits on Tumblr occur during work

13. In the year 2013, where Twitter and Facebook grew by 40%, Tumblr grew by a whopping 74%

14. Tumblr became the first site in 2011 to host a blog for President Barack Obama

15. The top 10 tags of Tumblr are: Fashion, Art, Lol, Vintage, Makeup, Landscape, GIF, Animals, Nail Art and Film

16. The top 10 Tumblr tags are LOL, Fashion, Vintage, Art, GIF, Makeup, Animals, Landscape, Film and Nail Art.

17. Some of the revenue of the site is generated by selling themes to the users to change the look of their own blog

18. 24,000 meetups have been generated by the site

19. The site is visited more than 30 times in a month by 2% of its users

20. Close to 9% of visits are from mobile devices

21. Oxford Dictionaries U.S.A accredited the naming of GIF as the word of the year to Tumblr

22. On May 16, 2013, the Tumblr app for Google Glass was released

23. Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo on May 30, 3013 for $1.1 billion

24. Tumblr grew up by 900% between June 2012 and 2013 when it jumped from 10 million unique visitors to 90 million per month

25. The average visit time on Tumblr is recorded to be 14 minutes and that’s more than that of Facebook and Twitter

26. Tumblr is the most popular in the 18 to 29-year-old age group. About 13% of this particular demographic have used the site

27. 66% of the visitors of Tumblr are under the age of 35

28. Tumblr has the most number of unique visitors from Seoul with more than 1,694,000

29. On average, 67 pages are viewed by the users every month

30. 7.2% of Flickr referral traffic is from Tumblr

31. 65% of those using Tumblr have a college education

32. 31 of the Top 100 brands are using Tumblr

Phew! That’s one really big data. Here are some interesting content ideas for Tumblr users;

1. Memes: They have become a favourite among content promoters. A lot of success could be achieved by curating funny memes related to your niche

2. Photos/Illustrations: Compelling images makes Tumblr a hot property, especially because there is a huge userbase of teenagers

3. Quotes: They are quite easy to create and it’s a surprise that only a few marketers are leveraging on them.

4. Animated Gif’s: These are incredibly popular and just like Google+, even Tumblr allows its users to post on their space.


It’s a wonder why online marketers have been ignoring Tumblr, one of the most popular and the largest social media and blogging platforms. If the posts are done on a consistent basis, it is guaranteed to give you the best results for your site and the content that you are looking to promote.


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