Advanced WordPress SEO and Avoid Duplicate content

Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 04, 2013

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I hope that you all are aware about How to Optimize Templates in wordpress?. It is very easy as you follow the proper information. Now, We will continue with one more topic that is Advanced WordPress seo and Avoid Duplicate content.

After completing the Basic information about WordPress , that is more necessary to find the simple thing about duplicate content. In this situation only one question comes in my mind:

Avoid Duplicate content

What exactly is WordPress duplicate content issue?

In wordpress , content which has exactly the same but it can be accessed by two URLs. This could happen in your Blog or could be on same copy paste Blog. I will suggest you some more Examples like:     (External website)

         Now, I think you can get clear idea about duplicate content. If you create 6 copies of your own content and Google will definitely confused on which link they should show it. So, the result is they will pick up any one out of the six and other are going to be hidden. This will be an serious issue as Google will slowly start penalizing your Blog for lots of Duplicate content. Within WordPress Blog, There are several attributes that makes easy to find content for an end User. That is Author Tags, Date Archives and Topic Tags. Because of these attributes it will be shown the same blog as several different pages in the eyes of Google and they become instances of Duplicate content.

Here, I am going to show some basic thing about how to get rid of duplicate content in wordpress?

1)Noindex, follow archive pages and disable some archives:
In wordpress you just disable date based Archives and Noindex/follow author and tag archives. So, The search engines don’t index them but do visit them and also noticed a links from existing on the pages. I can say that most of my posts are assigned to distinct categories , then I don’t do anything for category archives and have them as Index/Follow. This is because In such cases my categories often have relevant keywords and High Google page Rank. So, I just want to capitalize on that and have them appear prominently in search results. But if there are many overlapping posts in my categories then I noindex/follow categories.

2)Disable unnecessary archives:
If your Blog is a one author Blog and you don’t think that you need author archives, Use WordPress SEO to disable the Author archives. Also, If you don’t think that you need a date based archive then disable it. Even if you are not using the archives in your template , then also you can disable it as it will be chances that someone link to them and break your wordpress SEO.

You will just focus on your wordpress category page, because if a bot goes to a category page then it can easily reach all underlying pages without any trouble. If you have a lots of post in just one category a bot might have go back 10 pages before finding awesome post. No need to worry about it , You just need to install several plugins. I used WP-PageNavi, maintained by Scribu,one of the best wordpress developer around. You can install a Genesis Theme for getting numeric navigation under theme Settings → Content Archives.

4)Following unnecessary links:
To Increase your wordpress SEO , the most important thing is that stop linking to your login and registration pages from your Blog. WordPress SEO automatically nofollows all your login and registration links , Except you should not have any login link in your template.

Wordpress has built Canonical Link on single post and pages, With Introducing rel=”Canonical”tag. The WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin makes this very simple.Simply fill in the Canonical URL field with the URL link to the original copy of the post. Sometimes it happens that we added announcements, schedules etc for our readers and very confusing to Google as well. But Using canonical and Noindex will help Google to understand those things. Canonical with or without Noindex is your friend to get rid of duplicate content problems.

               I am sure now you all are aware of very important things that avoid the duplicate content problems. Please verify all points continuously then it will be easy for you to get relief of duplicate content problems. We will discuss more topics in the Next article that is a Perfect site structure for getting high Rankings.


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