Advanced Link Building-Know your Goals and specific KPIs.

Posted by Sanket Patel

September 24, 2011

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How to Set Goals & KPIs while performing Advanced Link Building?

Hello readers in my last article we had discussed how to plan an effective link building hope you all had enjoyed it, So today I am going to show you how we all can set goals while following Advanced Link Building. So here we go. As we all know the fact that inbound links(backlinks) are the most important thing in SEO to gain ranking or indexing, and this point has become the base of SEO since Google came to the picture of Search Engines Community. Well after the panda update the concept seems to get totally changed as ranking for broad keywords is dead sure not only way to get visitors to your site especially for small business sites.

In my last article here I had suggested to track your inbound links and keep the record of the numbers and also maps their growth this would be the most effective step to plan or grip your impact over the link building campaign for your site. Well, I never suggest keeping track of the figures just to make reports but the intention is more than that we collect those figures to do something about them. In other words, we use this information to figure out the KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Well for a successful campaign of Advanced Link Building we have to design goals and measure competition. So how would we do that?

What are the goals?

As with any other business, it is always a good idea to set your goals in mind as well as on paper and it is even more compulsory when you are your own boss. So set a reachable short-term goal that helps you to reach your bigger goals. Once you set link building goals with your target dates and target numbers you should analyze their KPIs or Key Performance Indicator. KPI’s are measurable which helps you to identify how much you are nearer to your goals.KPIs always help you to communicate your link building campaign to everyone in your organization.

Goal 1 – Improve your conversion rate from your targeted search traffic.

For every site conversion are the most important thing and conversion can be of any kind it can be direct sales and it can also be signed up for an account or it also can be counted as any free downloads. It all depends on the business purpose your site is targeting. You just have to identify the keywords from which you got the maximum conversation. And you will get that information from Google Analytics. Once you know the keywords which give you the highest rate of conversion means you are all set to run your link building campaign targeting those keywords to attract more potential customers.

KPIs from the first goal

Increase in numbers of conversions from search traffic.
Increase in numbers of search traffic from targeted regions.
Increase in the number of pages on the domain that attracts traffic.
Improvement in the numbers of your sites communication with visitors for example bounce rate, page views, etc.

Goal 2Improve your conversion rate from your targeted referral traffic.

Referral traffic is also visitors but they come to our site from the reference sites means the sites where our links have been posted. Referral traffic is more advantageous in conversion rate as compared to search engine traffic.

Note – It is fact that referral traffic gives more conversion as compared to search engine traffic. But to take the benefits of referral traffic always adopt genuine and relevant link building. It never makes sense to increase the visibility of motorcycle parts companies on tourism sites.

KPIs from the second goal

Increase in the numbers of your targeted referral traffic.
Increase in numbers of conversions from referral traffic.
Improvement in the numbers of your sites communication with referral visitors for example bounce rate, page views, etc.

Goal 3 – Improve your site’s business using Online Marketing & Social Media. (Advanced SEO Services).

Always remember the techniques you use to improve your search ranking also help you in marketing your product or website. So it is very compulsory to track how much your link building affects your ranking and people’s purchase decisions. See link building is a concept which should be seen from different directions it improves your visibility which helps to make your brand and secondly it also influence Internet user to be your customers than it should be seen as a marketing tool. Using Social Media for website promotion is also counted as link building. In other words, using multiple techniques for the same purpose or a goal that analyzes the impact of link building campaign for the site called Advanced SEO Services.

KPIs form the third goal.

Increase the number of visitors who came to your site by searching your brand term.
Increase in the number of blog posts and articles referencing your site.
How many customers indicating that you are provoked by link building (Online Marketing & Social Media)
How many bloggers, critics, etc mention you for better services.
How many positive responses have you received to the reviews and conversations over Social Media?
How many of your customers suggest your services or product to those who believe them.
How many positive emails have you received?
Increase in Social signals for your site example likes, followers, +1, RSS subscribers

Your Key performance indicators and goals always keep you updated for your position in the competition. So whenever you are starting link building campaign never forgot to design your goals and always look to your KPIs believe me adopting this habit will make your job more organized and smart.


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