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September 29, 2017

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While you were striving to market your brand proficiently, Facebook came up with latest features and updates to suffice your goal. From end users to all the types of marketers, it is beneficial for all of them. It shows how hard the Facebook is working to come up with new engaging features to fulfill your demands evidently.

Facebook Updates of 2017

2017 has just left few months, let us recall some of the significant Facebook updates.

1. Retiring Uncommon Boosted Post Types

Boosting posts has been the sure-fire way to reach the target audience. While posting, you just need to click the blue button that displays an option to promote the content to potential users. By this means, you get a great opportunity to expand your brand’s visibility and get the exposure in the market.


Now as boosting the post has been so beneficial for the audience, Facebook took a step ahead. It has decided to declutter the platform in such a way that it becomes advantageous to meet the goals smoothly.

There are some kinds of posts which are rarely used to boost. Moreover, these uncommon post types serve no purpose to advertise. Therefore, Facebook decided to remove it, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their ads.

Here is an entire list of retired formats of the boosted post.

Shares of products from shops
 Page sharing a shop, then boosting the story
 Check-ins on a map, at a restaurant, or in a city
 Note sharing
 Poll sharing
 Place recommendations
 Cultural moment shares
 Comment shares
 Profile picture changes
 File uploads or shares
 Sports events
 Videos or images uploaded through the Facebook camera
 Posts related to attending an event
 Video playlist shares
 The status of watching a television show, movie, or other types of programming
 Sharing an already sponsored post that is an app posting to a Page’s timeline, then boosting that story
 Political endorsements

2. Facebook Algorithm Updates

If you’re striving to maximize your reach and engagements, you can’t afford to miss recent updates of Facebook Algorithm. Though it brought a plethora of updates, here are the top three of them that would help you know whether your post will perform well on the user’s newsfeed or not.

A. Higher ranking of authentic posts

Facebook is up with making it a valuable platform for marketers to attain maximum organic reach. If the post is reliable enough, it will rank high on the user’s newsfeed. However, it will be dependent on the public’s response. A negative reaction would deem less authentic and vice versa.

B. Higher ranking of videos with better completion rates

How well is the video performing among the audience depends on the time span user watched it. The higher is the completion rate, the higher would be the rank on the newsfeed.

C. Priority to timely posts

If the content you posted is related to trending topics and successfully engages people, there are high chances to rank higher on user’s newsfeed. Hence, posting on the topic that is currently trending would do wonders to attract your potential audience.

3. In-Stream Video Placements

To attract more audience and engage them sufficiently, posting video ads have always been a great resort. It is highly effective to reach potential users, assuring you that your ad is displayed at the right time to the right people.


Image Source: TechCrunch

From the past days, Facebook analyzed that users are much interested in watching longer videos and decided to expand the authority of advertisers. It will give you an opportunity to control the appearance of an ad.

Before Facebook came out with an update of video placement, the ads used to appear either during in-stream clip or newsfeed. However, now it offers you an option to have access on any one of them or both. In short, you can use in-stream video placements on audience network, on Facebook or both.

In-stream videos on audience network allow you to place your ads pre-roll/mid-roll across particular websites and apps. With this means, you can have more exposure to your ad content and brand as publishers of the video targets a specific bunch of people of whom you can take the privilege.

If you’re ready with the list of your targeted audience, you have the power to raise user’s engagement ratio through in-stream videos. In fact, statistics of Facebook shows 70% of in-stream videos with the length of 15 seconds are keeping an eye from start to end. This way you get the power to show your ads to the target audience at the right place and can manage viewer’s experience.

4. Privacy Basics

Be it personal account or a business page; privacy of every user is what matters to the Facebook. By every passing day, they are making more efforts to make it a secure platform for all the individuals.


Image Source: newsroom.fb.com

To make its platform secured further, Facebook came up with improved privacy features. After contemplating feedback from the users, it has modified its policy to serve you the ultimate convenience. It has collaborated with the state attorney general and other people that aid them to frame the policy aptly. They are the professionals who are working for the organizations which are striving to spread awareness of how to take charge of the online information that works around the world such as National Cyber Security Alliance, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Center for Democracy and Technology. Their consistent efforts allow you to select who can see your shares.

Here are few changes that you must know about your privacy policy.

I. Privacy Checkup

Taking a tour to privacy checkup, here, you’ll get access to ensure that only the people you allow can see your information. Moreover, you even get an opportunity to learn whom are you posting to, which apps are used and the privacy of the core stuff available on the profile.

II. Select Who Sees Your Post

While posting some stuff on the Facebook, you can now get an opportunity to choose who can view your posts.

III. Login Approvals

Choosing additional layer of security to the account, you’ll get a unique code every time you log in to it from a new device.

5. Facebook Introduces New Open Ecosystem for AI Frameworks

Facebook and Microsoft have partnered to come up with a new Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX)format. It is an algorithm sharing platform that allows developers to pick the best AI (Artificial Intelligence) engines that suits them the best and can switch anytime at the time of developing.

This launch of the new open ecosystem is a great initiative that makes it easier for developers to choose from many available AI framework tools. Additionally, Facebook describes: “ONNX is the first step toward an open ecosystem where AI developers can easily move between state-of-the-art tools and choose the combination that is best for them.”

Before initiating any project, researchers, developers, and engineers have to draft their plan of action along with determining the framework they will use. Varied frameworks have a unique set of capabilities for which switch is made during the process. However, shifting from one AI to another is not at all easy that leaves a gap. To bridge this gap between the two frameworks, ONNX makes it easier for developers.

6. Facebook Introduces Updated Ads Manager

Striving to make it a better platform for businesses, Facebook has combined Power Editor with Ads Manager. This way, you have the privilege to access the best features of both the worlds and that too all in one tool. It helps marketers and creators of ads to manage it efficiently.


With updated Ads Manager interface, you don’t have to compromise any capabilities of the Power Manager and Ads Manager. It gives you an opportunity to control over your process and can opt for workflow, opening gates for the creativity.

– Creation Flow

In the updated Ads Manager, you will find both the perks of Power Editor (quick) and Ads Manager (Step-by-step). By this means, you shall be automatically updated with the workflow which you have used in the past.

– Access To Drafts

A missing feature of both Power Editor and Ads Manager gets you the accessibility of editing the post from the saved draft.

– A Solo Source for Reports

The updated Ads Manager compiles the benefits of Power Editor’s comprehensive charts and activity history with the classifications, summary, date benchmarks, the ability to customize columns and exported insights from Ads Manager.

7. Facebook Initiates Blocking Ads from Pages that Repeatedly Share False News

Facebook rolls out an update against the viral of fake news. Before this update, it has just blocked ads with hoaxes or false information. However, with this recent update, the entire page will get blocked, if found with the same behavior. Besides, they won’t allow users to run the page that often publishes stories which are marked false by the third party.

This update is made to prevent users from the Facebook that spreads bogus information and make money out of it. If any of the advertisers is found to repeat the action of publishing false news, Facebook will check its authenticity by referring third-party’s opinion and disallow its access. If the page stops this behavior, the users may be eligible to run ads.

8. Snooze Button – Mute the Annoyance

There is always a friend in our Facebook account who posts too frequently with some content that annoys a lot. If you too grow tired of the same misery, you have an option to mute the personal account/page/group for as much time you want. All thanks to Facebook which introduces new ‘Snooze Button.’


Image source: TechCrunch

You just need to click on the drop-down menu on top right corner and mute an account. The time duration can be 24 hours, seven days or 30 days; you can select any one of it and reward yourself with the peace.

Wrapping Up

While there are plenty of other updates and features that Facebook came up in 2017, aforementioned are the ones that hold utmost importance for the marketers. Incorporating these features into your next strategy could help you to walk hand in hand with the market and get the most out of it.

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