7 Trends To Look Out For Content Marketing In 2017
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Posted by Bhupinder Kaur Chhabra

January 21, 2017

Content Marketing 21 min read

With 2017 rolling in, new challenges are surfacing in the marketing world, but the most powerful weapon of all-time still rules the industries – the power of content.

Far from passé, big shifts have been taking place in content marketing. Today, 80% of digital marketers consider content as an integral part of their digital marketing strategies.

More brands are seen curating omnichannel content and creating out of the box experiences that are meaningful and memorable for the customers they value. Google also values high quality content and ranks the websites based on the experience the visitors benefit from their content.

Earlier, Content Marketing and SEO were two different concepts, but they are quickly becoming inseparable and go hand in hand. Marketers are on their drive to create resourceful pieces of content which help them naturally attract attention from social media channels and high authority websites.

It’s no surprise to see a decline in the search volume when it comes to link building and increasing growth of content marketing. So, good content marketing strategy is an essential aspect of building relationship with your audiences and stay ahead of the curve.

This is your must-read article as we’ve shared top 7 content marketing trends that will rule 2017. Following these trends and implementing these strategies will keep you on top and derail even the smartest content strategies.

1. Mobile-Friendly Content

Search engines like Google have reported that they get more search queries from the users using mobile devices than those using desktops. That’s the reason why Google made the modifications in its search algorithm to rank mobile-friendly websites higher on the search results.

Mobile Friendly Content

With an increasing importance on mobile optimization, it’s important that the content produced on your site should be ready to view for portable devices. People who use their smartphones are inclined to browsing over huge chunks of paragraphs, so coming up with a concisely written content and short-and-smart copy will be your ally to capture their attention even at first glance.

2. User-Generated Content

The magic of user-generated content cannot be undermined. No one is better than your customers to create exceptional content for your business. It will be reliable, genuine and appealing to your target audience. Because today, people want to know about your products or services from the user’s perspective and word-of-mouth is the best way to gear up your content strategy.

User genrated content

3. Personalized Content

Simply creating high quality content is not enough, the challenge is producing something that connects with your target audience at next level. With a ton of content produced every day, people are getting addicted to even the best of it. Therefore, you need to add a personalized touch to your content in order to get the best results.

So when you’re personalizing your content, make sure that everything in the content from logo and font, words and the overall voice speaks to your target market and resonates with your audience in the best way. So that when they visit your website, it’s their voice, their experience and their taste they see.

4.Interactive Story-telling

Today, people seek content that helps them get involved without feeling targeted. They don’t love merely being spectators, instead look out for an out-of-the-box visual story.

Story Telling

Interactive story telling is a great way to present your content – you can include images, infographics, videos, calculators, quizzes, assessments and generators. While publishing a blog post, you need to be mindful that the audience is more encouraged to remember and react on the great stories.

5.Buying Influencers

Influencer marketing was a hot trend in 2016 and not going anywhere this year too. You can consider influencer marketing to shift a bit from partnering with content creators and distributors to flat-out purchasing them. One of the most powerful ways to maximize your content marketing success is by sharing your content with top influencers who are already fans of your business.

“What’s a faster and more effective way to connect with a target audience than building thought leadership from scratch and simply paying to play? Working with influencers that already have authority and credibility with the target audience you want to reach… Partnering with influencers to create mutual value inspires participants to not only promote but also elevate the content quality.” – Lee Odden

6.Content distribution Through Social Media

Social media has become a vital ingredient of the marketing mix. It is widely popular among small businesses to reinforce their brands and reach out to their customers.

Content Marketing Social Media

Again, the social media trend seems to be moving from less content to more promotion in 2017. More marketers will be using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to distribute and promote their content.

According to Kissmetrics, you must define a good distribution schedule for each social media network and map it out in a simple timeline.

Simply relying on Facebook will not provide enough traffic to your blog or website. Almost all the social networks are now in this marketing game and it has become just another paid advertising channel.

7.Budgets Will Skyrocket

There will be a rise in investments by marketers in content marketing efforts. Earlier, content marketing was not a much thought-of strategy to invest in, but now it has been proven to be one of the most effective strategy to drive traffic to your website.

But it requires enough money to create effective as well as interactive content to drive more web traffic, generate leads and increase conversions. Therefore, more and more marketers are willing to spend good time and thousands of dollars on their content marketing efforts.
An article published on Hubspot notes that 71% of marketers are getting an increased content marketing budget.

Wrap Up

With the ending of the first month of the year, marketers have already ramped up their content marketing strategies for 2017. But, it is important for the marketers to keep up to date with the latest trends. We hope these content marketing trends will help you in achieving new heights for your businesses throughout this year and beyond.

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