632% Increase in Revenue For Gym Equipment Website (Detailed Case Study)

Posted by Riddhi Shah

July 02, 2021

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“Our strategies helped our client to gain 266% organic traffic along with a significant increase in the overall website ranking. We relied solely on attaining organic leads with the help of custom SEO strategies which were uniquely designed after studying their business goals and target audience.“

In this digital era, driving traffic to your website can be similar to rocket science. You might think you’re doing everything right but getting organic visitors and more engagement on your website is a strategic amalgamation of various SEO strategies. With the help of professional SEO services, your website can have a wider reach resulting in more sales. 

GYM Equipment

With increased traffic and sales, you’ll notice that your business will be more in demand among your target audience. At Blurbpoint, we have a team of savvy digital marketers who bring along more than a decade of experience with them. With our SEO practices, we’ll help your brand achieve the right kind of attention and organic traffic. Our SEO strategy was developed, keeping in mind the client’s exclusive needs.

Have a look at our results and findings for a client from the fitness equipment industry and check what we helped them achieve. 

Incrase in organic traffic


One of the biggest challenges that we faced was that the client’s niche was highly competitive. This increased the keyword competitiveness as well. Our main task was to help them squeeze in the existing competitive market. 

We also found that there were no product Meta tags. This was a major hindrance in improving the website’s ranking as Meta Tags help the search engine to understand the website better. In the absence of meta tags, a website will be unable to rank on the SERPs and this will have an adverse impact on engagement and website traffic. 

The website did not have product descriptions which means that the search engine cannot easily navigate through the various types of products on the website. 

Another challenge was that the website did not have any content on the category pages. This made it harder for us to optimize the pages in order to achieve better rankings

Since they had various weight options for particular equipment on one single page, we were unable to target high-ranking keywords that specified a particular weight. For example, we could not target just ‘15 kg dumbbells’ for their product page content optimization because their page had dumbbells ranging from 5kgs to 25kgs all in one product page itself. 

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We’ve curated a month-wise breakdown of the solutions that we had provided for a better understanding of the results achieved. 

1st Month:

  • Keyword Research:

We performed keyword research and picked lower hanging transactional keywords which helped us to target an interested audience who have a higher intention to buy the product or service. We targeted keywords with phrases like ‘buy’ which were intended for an already interested sector of the audience.

  • On-page Audit & Optimization:

Performed on-page audit and optimized the website which helped in increasing the organic users by 266%. We optimized the content on the website, product pages, added meta descriptions, title tags, and optimized other areas as well. This helped in improving the search engine ranking of the website. 

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  • Technical Audit  & Optimization:

We performed technical audits and fixed technical issues so that the website can be more search engine friendly. We highlighted the strong points of the website during this audit and figured out the weak areas that needed more work. 

  • Backlink Audit:

We analyzed the backlink profile in order to identify low-quality backlinks. Here is when we approached credible third-party guest blogging websites which helped us in building a strong backlink profile for the client. We published high-quality, unique, and informative content on third-party websites relevant to the client’s niche. 

2nd Month:

Content Marketing:

We performed content outreach to high authority websites which helped us to build a strong backlink profile for the client. We optimized blog posts, guest posts, and product pages on their website to make the website more SEO-friendly. 

Webpage Content Analysis & Suggestions:

We noticed that there wasn’t much engaging and informative content on the website. We curated content according to the targeted keywords thereby providing quality signals to the search engines. 

Increase in Transaction

Approached niche websites that posted content specific to the fitness niche. We posted high-quality guest posts on this platform which improved the client’s backlink profile. With the help of link building, we improved their website credibility which gained them a 145 % increase in organic transactions.

3rd Month:

  • Organic Sessions: 2,641
  • Keyword In Top 10: 44
  • Total Keyword In SERP: 449

Increase GYM equipment website Traffic

Backlink Audit

In order to outrank the competitors, we had to prevent the loss of traffic and sales. We started off by removing bad-quality backlink URLs and replaced them with high-quality URLs relevant to the client’s niche. This gave us a much more credible backlink profile. 

Page Speed :

Page Speed was one of the major challenges that we faced. We noticed that the page speed was extremely slow for both desktop and mobile devices. We improved the page loading speed by removing unwanted files from the website and optimizing the image media files on the website. 



To stay in sync with the progress of our campaign, we performed a quarterly technical audit. This helped us in knowing what was working and what needed further improvement.


As a result of our SEO campaign, by the end of the third month, we were able to upscale the organic sessions from 191 to 2641. From just 2 keywords, we moved up to a total of 44 keywords that were ranking among the top 10 search results. We exceeded from 68 keywords to 449 keywords that were ranking on the search engine result pages.

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