5 Simple Tools to Take Your Blogger Outreach to the Next Level

Posted by Hiren Vaghela

August 02, 2013

Content Marketing 10 min read

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#1: Link Prospector by Citation Labs

Main aim of tool is – “Finding the prospect for linking opportunities”

If you a blogger then this tool makes your efforts easier for sure. You can pick the various options which includes depth of search, relevant site/blog results, your specific region, various TLDs, advance search filters and many more. You can include all these stuff in your each campaign level.

Here you will be able to select various types of report like review sites, donation sites, links pages, guest blogging sites and many more in just a one click. You can pull the contacts once you have done with the campaign creation.


Finding the good prospects for your industry niche is very important. This tool will give you the list of authority influencers within your industry.

This will allow you to find various experts to your industry by using the appropriate keywords and youwill be able to compare, track and analyze them.

So many other advance functionalities are there to contact your followers and track them easily. Blogger outreach is based on email but this will take into another level in terms of building social terms.

#3: Topsy

Just plug your URL in this site and see the magic. This will help you to track your competitor’s social activity and if you are doing branding then use Topsy as a weapon.

You can able to influence part in terms of content, links, keywords, profile etc to make easy outreach to those prospects. It will indirectly help you to give you lead for your niche industry.

It is basically a social search engine and helps you find out the useful prospects and outreach people.

#4: Rapportive

You can integrate this tool with Gmail itself by downloading its paid version as a desktop application. Once you incorporated the tool then you will be able to see the info where you entering the email address in the search box. Rapportive will show other associated details of that person in terms of their social media profile at left hand bar.

If you are doing outreach then this tool helps a lot. You find other alternatives to contact them in a quick way.

#5: Google Alerts

This is my favorite and I love to use it for the outreach. Google provided the wonderful application for getting the alerts in terms of data.

You need to simply add the word which you want to track, just add in the text box and it will return the data in terms of emails. You can filter out the data as well, like, news, discussion etc as your needs. If you want to outreach someone and want to track their activity then Google alert is the best option.

End Note: I hope you find the above mentioned tools helpful for all your outreach campaigns.


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