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Posted by Moosa Hemani

November 17, 2015

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I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs jump in excitement at the thought of their startup, but they lose momentum somewhere along the way.  It is very important to stay focused and upbeat throughout the entrepreneurial journey or else you will fail to survive on a long term basis in the market.

Unfortunately not everybody breaks through the market, and the few new kids on block who actually do are constantly vigilant and on a lookout against competitors. If you want to be as successful and relevant as them, then you should consider following the discussed tips.

Social Media is your best friend

There are many startups especially in the non-tech world who believe that social media is not for them. My experience says it’s one of the best ways to show off your startup loud and proud. Not only does it introduce your brand’s name, but it highlights customer interaction too. Being present and consistent on social media is a great way of making your startup known to customers or clients.

You could use Facebook Twitter and Instagram and even your own blog to promote your business and services. But you know what’s better? Engagement with customers! Make them feel included in your updates, mention how much they mean to your business. Give them a sneak-peek into what your team is up to these days. If your business has extra product lying around, start a friendly giveaway through questionnaires and polls, ask them to share your page with friends and family. Just make them join the party so they don’t feel left out.

This will start off the process of brand awareness and advocacy in the long run. Indulge with customers, reply to their tweets and ask for their opinions on any future improvements. This will make them feel appreciated and prioritized and will give you the opportunity to make better changes to the startup.

Content in context

Visuals might be the new thing these days, but content is still prevalent and conveys an important message. So if your content isn’t relevant or informative, then visuals won’t be of any use to keep the customers visiting the blog. Make sure you have quality content!

Good content speaks volumes about the startup and its authenticity. If you don’t have good content, then the users will feel that your service/product is unreliable.

Another mistake that many startups make is that they get obsessed with the product. This results in constant updates and selling of product features and attributes. This won’t attract customers as much as when you sell the uses or benefits of having your product. If you convince customers that their life will improve by using your product, they’re more likely to buy it. If you focus more on how it helps people rather than what it looks like or what its features are, then your startup will be able to win the loyalty and love of users. So make sure your content is real and relevant, and doesn’t look like a promotional product struggling to make its way in the market. Give it a personal appeal as to how it might enhance a person’s life; showcase it as a new and improved thing.

Outreach and Email

What’s this all about? It’s about going out of your way to get in touch with people, heads, team-leader, bloggers or SEO’s to introduce yourself and the brand. Reach out to people on LinkedIn and make sure you join relevant forums and groups where you can interact and polish your knowledge and skills with other entrepreneurs.

Make sure not to use the template emails as this will not only result in low to zero response rate but this will also hurt your brand name in front of others within the industry.

Come up with interesting eye candy subject lines in your emails, this way the open rate will be higher. Try and get involved with guest blogging and your niche will notice presence and consistency of your startup.

Integrate offline with online

If you are starting up, chances are you are doing some offline campaigns (BTL) as well as online campaigns that could be PPC, SEO, Social Media and more. The idea here is to integrate your offline activities with online and vise versa.

As a startup you need to stand out from the rest and you easily can do that as not many in the game are doing this at the moment. Upload the videos of BTL activities to your Facebook page and share it with like-minded people. Also, give people Wi-Fi access in your BTL activities so that they can share and tweet about you during and after the session.

I see Payoneer is one brand that is doing pretty well on their Facebook page. They share their conference photos and videos on the page. During conferences they give audience internet access that helps them get some social media traction during the conference.

There are obviously many other ideas but the most important thing in a startup is to stay positive. Even during rough times don’t reduce involvement. Stay involved and success will follow you!



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