4 Good Habits - Successful SEOs Perform In Their Day To Day Work

Posted by Maulik Patel

August 26, 2016

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What does it need to be great at Search Engine Optimization? It actually requires more than just deep knowledge of SEO. Debunking the misconception that SEO is just cleaning up and optimizing once and you’re done – It’s much more to do for an SEO in the ongoing chores of their job. Not only that, it requires building some daily good habits too.

Actually, no day is the same in the SEO industry. Often, there are new challenges and you never know, when Google gets moving the bots.

All in all, if you want to be a successful SEO, the best way is to imitate your peers who are ranking high on SERPs and making their clients happy. Basically, the reason why many SEOs are fortunate is that they’ve cultivated some professional habits that other SEO geeks haven’t.

So, What are those habits? Let’s discuss some of them…

1. They Keep an Eye On the Latest News in SEO

There are a few things that change more than SEO. Every week, we get to read about a new algorithm update or some other change by Google. So, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest information in the industry. Otherwise, there are chances, you’ll miss out on the important tidbits which may help you rank on your client’s sites.

SEO Updates

Where do you get these latest SEO news and strategies?

Fortunately, there are many online channels where you can get the info about the latest happenings in Search Engine Optimization through blogs and various other resources.

Almost every great digital marketing company has a blog because people who run such companies know the importance of information, precisely content marketing. Here are a few reliable blogs to follow:

Google Webmaster Central

A good and professional SEO has a habit of checking out Google’s blog every now and then for the latest official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index. Here, blog is designed specifically for the SEOs and webmasters who lookout to help their clients perform well in Google searches.
So, bookmark that site and make it a point to browse it at least once in a week. You’ll surely gain some great insight into what the King (Google) is up to.

Search Engine Land

This is one more “Must Bookmark” for all the SEO geeks. It is a great site to be browsed regularly for knowing the whole spectrum of digital marketing and SEO.

Search Engine Roundtable

There’s nothing that is going to happen in SEO and not reported on the Search Engine Roundtable. The genius authors closely monitor the newest feeds in SEO, Google Webmaster Central and even the social media accounts of the key players in the online game. So, it’s a perfect destination to get the latest buzz in SEO industry.

Moz Blog

This is another hot destination to get great tips about SEO and the digital marketing. Whether you’re looking for advice on SEO data analysis, copywriting tips or sales funnel optimization techniques, you’ll surely find’em here.

SEMrush Blog

The SEMrush blog is an exceptional to-be-bookmarked site to gain an insight on keyword analysis, optimization techniques and pointers who create killer content.

2. They Analyze What’s Working With Analytics And Ranking Tools

Some SEOs let their personal opinions trump the numbers. That’s really a bad habit.

Google Analytics

There are many SEOs who think they know what works for a particular client, but if analytics and tools are showing you a different picture – that your pet technique isn’t working, then it’s time to look out for other options.

3. They Act Instead Of Just Theorizing

You regularly keep up with latest news, check out how your competitors are ranking and also invest in all the affordable SEO tools, but it will not work if you don’t put your knowledge into action.

Great SEOs don’t just talk and theorize, rather they act!

Quick SEO decision

The successful SEOs find out what they need to do and put their plans into action which pushes their client’s sites up in the SERPs. Another important thing is that you may come up with the new strategies, but that doesn’t make sense until they go live. So, a good SEO should know well how to push a project through.

How To Get A Project Approved and Implemented Fast?

Here are some guidelines.

i. Presenting the project including the analytics backing and the potential gains.
ii. Develop a compelling case that reflects the higher return on investment.
iii. Submit all the technical requirements which can be easily used by the developers.
iv. Set up a timeline and follow up regularly.

4. They are Always Passionate To Improve Their Skills & Websites

Whether they are looking to improve their technical knowledge, the backlink profile, the quality of content on a website or communication skills, best SEO geeks never stop themselves from looking for ways to enhance their skills and their online search rankings.

Improve website

SEO is a very huge and complicated field, demanding many skills, so the experts in the field are generally those who’ve continuously worked hard over time and tend to follow these good SEO habits in their daily routine.

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