3 New Social Media Discoveries To Change The Way You Look At Social Media

Posted by Rahul Soni

April 11, 2014

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While looking after the social media campaign for your business/clients are you focusing on the trends that are happening across the social web? As an online marketer, you must be very well aware that the social media marketing circuit is a constantly evolving industry.

However, the article here will mention certain discoveries of the social media research that is going to take you by surprise and will make you think twice about the social media strategy.


Discovery #1: Customer Care on Social Is Growing On Twitter


Fastest Growing Social PlatformImage credit goes to globalwebindex.net

Twitter slowly becomes the hub for the consumers who want to get in touch with the brands. Research by Socialbakers indicates that there are 59.3% of customers ask questions on Twitter. Facebook has a lower percentage for the same with 40.7%.

How should we leverage from this:

This particular has made it unavoidable for marketers to leverage social customer care as customers are now in a habit to get their queries resolved fast. Thus, the business could lose valuable customers by not going with the current trend.

Here are some tips to provide customer care:

The staff should be trained to respond promptly to the customers.

The customer queries should not remain unanswered for over an hour. If the wait is too long, the customer will decide to move to the next brand or service provider.

If you are using your logo, each response could be personalized with the logo or Twitter handle.
Tracking the brand mentions shouldn’t be the sole priority. Words like “fail”, “not working”, to name a few should be resolved at once in such a way that the customer is satisfied.

The campaign managers should know how to prioritize the inquiries.


Discovery #2: Facebook social logins are preferred more by users


Social login preferences

These days, many sites provide users with the option to log in using a social network ID. According to a recent discovery by eMarketer, a majority of users prefer to use their Facebook credentials to log in to these sites.
There are only 28% of users who go with Google+. Also, 63% of global mobile users prefer Facebook as the preferred social login network.

How should we leverage from this:

According to a survey, 92% of shoppers will abandon a website rather than going through the password recovery process. Thus, the social login option on the site is quite useful as 65% of shoppers are likely to return to the site.
If you have an eCommerce site and if the folks visiting your website use Facebook credentials to log in, you come to know about their likes and interests. This information could be used to provide a personalized experience to the users.

Show them the products based on their likes and interests in order to increase the chances of conversion. One of the key benefits of having social logins is that the numbers of mistargeted ads go considerably down
The visitors are simultaneously logged into your Facebook account and your site, thus increasing the chances of sharing a post on a product that they might find valuable for their friends and others on their network. Make sure that they are treated with interesting and informative content each time they log in.

Users should also be treated with valuable free ebooks, presentations, how-to guides and training videos in return for sharing their personal information with us.

In order to enhance the interaction of the brand and social visibility, keep a community message board on the website that could be accessed by the members who are logged in.


Discover #3: Facebook is not abandoned by younger audiences


There has been a lot of discussion about teens abandoning Facebook, however, this is not true.

The stats from eMarketer shows that up to almost 96% of users in the 12-17 age bracket and up to 93% in the 18-24 age bracket during the year 2012 and 2013 are using Facebook.

How should we leverage from this:

Just like everyone else, the younger audience is now compatible with multiple social platforms. However, it doesn’t mean that they are not using Facebook.

Social Media

Teens are more interested in images and video sharing services. They could surely share the images on Facebook, but they also know that Snapchat and Instagram are the convenient ones and also their parents are using these social platforms less. The following tips will help to get the attention of teens and young audiences if that is what you are targeting.

If teens are important, just be everywhere. In order to make them follow you, follow them wherever they go. Multiple social platforms must be utilized to distribute content. Your brand will stay in the minds of your targeted audience when they see you on a number of platforms that they prefer.

Be relevant on social. Teens have an ego for themselves. So, what really matters to them is their own opinion and that of their friends. So, it is advisable to show them stories of how your brand has been successful in interacting with the audience of their age group

Focus on what the teenagers and the young audience could get out of your social marketing campaign and also make sure that your campaign is mobile friendly.




There is a lot more to social media than what the eye observes. Understanding various features and implementing the same in social media campaigns will reap benefits in the future. The discoveries are endless and each and every place where you find the social media button, you will come to know more about its benefits.


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