15 Best Schema Codes To Standalone From Competitors

Posted by Maulik Patel

June 07, 2018

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Getting top rank positions on different search engines is the main concern and objective of any organization. In an era of cut-throat competition, it is very crucial to rank on the first page of Google or Bing. A right, reliable and updated SEO strategy can help you out to beat the competition.

In SEO too, there are some sure-shot strategies that help you to get high traffic. One such strategy is to use schema codes that help Google and other search engines to understand your content well.

Do you see those rich snippet results in search engines? Well, you might know what does that means, but you must accept that that link results with detailed information motivate users to click. Schema codes improve your website’s click-through rates to a great extent.

What is schema code and how it helps?


Schema code is the actually semantic vocabulary of tags or as they say popularly, Microdata- that help search engines to understand about a specific part of the content on your web pages. Search engine crawlers identify the schema markup on your HTML code of the website and format it specifically and show it in the rich snippets.

It completely changes the way your page looks on SERPs with detailed information, reviews, ratings, and other necessary data.

You can check out the example of a schema code in the picture. if you want to generate your own code, you can take the help of Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

Digital marketers have found this schema code technique very helpful to get more clicks on web pages. There are many categories where you can use such structural data to give additional information to the users about your products. Even you can add such schema codes for news, articles/blogs, books, movies, tv series, video game, recipes, places, products, events, ratings & reviews, organization, person, restaurant, health/medical types, and more.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of these categories with examples to give you a detailed analysis of schema code and how it boosts your click-through rates and ultimately conversions.

1. News

News Schema

When you type for particular news, you will find detailed articles and updates about the news. For example, check out the above screenshot that shows the results for WWDC 2018.

Such results help users to directly go to the page without wasting the time. In the above example, if you want to go to a particular website, you can directly click on the link and you will be redirected there. It improves convenience and comfort for users.

2. Articles & Blog Posts


When you are looking for specific information to fix the problem as shown in the above screenshot, the search engine will offer you a certain web page link with specified subtopics within a blog or an article.

Here, we have searched for slow internet and how to fix it, Google came up with an article link with subtopics. You can also find page numbers, author, publication date, word count, and other information too.

3. Books

ready player one book

When you have typed for a particular book, these rich snippets are shown in the above screenshot illustrate almost all the information about the book such as preview book option, ratings, short summary, published date, author name, Genre, etc.

4. Movies

Avengers Infinity War

Do you want to know about a particular movie and all necessary information about the movie including characters, writer, director, producer, movie time, and many more? With a movie schema code, you can get that.

As per the screenshot, you can find out some crucial information such as ratings, votes, genre, characters, and release year by using schema markup.

5. TV Series

When you search for a specific TV series, you can find TV series results with some additional details too. Here is an example:

sherlock holmes tv series

6. Video Game

Kingdom Come Deliverance

How about getting some information about your favorite video game? The above screenshot shows it for a game called Kingdom Come. With game schema, you can add information about the title, ratings, genre, price for a game, and description.

7. Recipes

pancake recipe

People love to search for different favorite recipes and you can add schema codes to give a detailed description of recipes.

Check out the screenshot that gives a detailed procedure to make pancakes. It saves time. You can find details such as thumbnail image, list of steps, how-to section, calories, cook time, and ratings and reviews.

8. Places

china wall

You can add many details while writing schema codes for places. In the example above, you can see The Great Wall of China details such as length, location, materials, and material delivery, etc.

9. Products

iphone x

If you want to use schema code for a certain product or service you are offering, it is possible with Product Schema Markup.

With product schema markup, you can add details such as thumbnail image, product name, offer details, website URL, description, price, reviews and ratings, and material used.

10. Events

music events in 2018

Users love to find out about recent happenings in the city. Art, culture, literary and social events they love to attend. You can add event schema markup to add additional details about the event such as event location, name of the event, organizers, purpose, description, timings, admission time, dates, sponsors, ticket prices, and many more.

Generally, people have a tendency to check out the internet before enrolling for the event. Even all event organizers to list their events online to gather more crowd.

11. Ratings And Reviews:

tesla x price

Whether it is a product, place, or service, you can add reviews and ratings for a particular service or pace with rating and review schema markup.

12. Organization


Most of the organizations use schema markup to give additional information in the search results which shows information about their company as shown in the above screenshot.

13. Person

benedict cumberbatch

When you want to know about a person, you will get all the relevant information about the person by just typing the name of the person on search engines.

You can add details such as name, age, birth date, death, spouse, children, and quotes.

14. Restaurant

Girl the Goat

When you want to grab a bite, just check out the restaurant to find some relevant information such as location, operation hours, menu, favorite dishes, and photos.

15. Health/Medical Types

headache causes

You can also use schema markup to offer relevant answers to health-related questions. It will create brand authority and awareness and you will find good click-through rates.


Schema markup can help you to get relevant traffic to your website and improve your digital presence and ultimately, revenues and profits. Google, Bing, and Yahoo collaborated in 2011 and they recognize schema markup to add rich snippets and search results. Search engines will interpret your content effectively and it helps users to make a click decision.


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