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Vikram Rathod

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November 24, 2017

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12 Best SEO Extensions For Google Chrome

We live in a digital world where numerous things can be done with just one click. Thanks to the internet! Our business strategies and agendas are highly dependent on online marketing and promotions of provided brand or services. 12-SEO-extention-chrome As bloggers and SEO experts, you need to perform several tasks each day for which you depend on Google Chrome. It has been dominating the internet world as a most preferred desktop browser. The other reason for Chrome’s popularity is tech-savvy people like us. Services provided by chrome are highly customisable with thousands of extensions available in the market. Though finding the ones that can actually add up to your convenience of a daily task is difficult, our guidance regarding the same can help you greatly. Take a sneak-peak and know which extensions are capable of assisting you in the core SEO areas:

1. MozBar

We cannot make a list of extensions without including one of the oldest and most popular chrome extension ― MozBar. Leading the market, it is accepted as an all-in-one tool that helps you to take a quick overview of a site with SEO perspective. Once you log into Moz community, it shows up with specific search engine results in a web-page. Some of the instant metrics are given below: – It creates and provides custom searches by engine, city, country or region – As soon as you open a website, it appears with a quick assessment of PA – Page authority and DA – Domain authority – It helps you to find out the keywords on the page you have opened and distinguishes links as internal, external, followed or non-followed – It discloses general traits of a page, its elements, markup, and HTTP status MozBar

2. Tag Assistant

Tag assistant is not something highly demanded of glamorous but extremely helpful for any SEO professional or a layman seeking SEO services. So, if you have installed various Google tags or tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and any other; tag assistant aids to troubleshoot those installations. It makes the utility simple and smooth for a user. – It assists you with the verification whether the installed Google tags are correct or not – When you navigate through a page, Tag assistant tells you about the presented tags on the page – It reports the errors, suggesting solutions to improve the implementations – Google tags such as Google Analytics, Google tag manager, Adwords Conversion Tracking and much more are checked

3. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is an excellent extension that helps to identify broken links. So when you activate it, you see a number of highlighted outbound links. Also, you would see active links highlighted with green, and broken links with red. – As it checks the broken link, you get to know more about the links you are checking out – Once you become aware of the links and sites, you can take a smart decision and that too quickly – It exposes all the data of the link next to each link of the page. You can also use it to identify how many external links you are viewing on a page

4. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

It has more than 50,000 installations as it provides instant counts of the links that are connected to existing page you are browsing without going to a different link analysis tool. If you are a majestic account holder, you get other benefits such as Backlink count data for free along with many other details. – You can get to know the strength of a page on the basis of its backlink information and this backlink checker offers you fastest way to do that – Majestic does not have to depend on a third party to collect the data as it goes through the whole web – You can instantly notice the TF – Trust Flow or CF – Citation Flow score for a web page right away on the URL bar. Also, you can see the summarized information of the number of domains and URLs linking to a page Majestic

5. SimilarWeb

If you desire to start with a spry site analysis, SimilarWeb is the right place to use. Providing a broader view than just SEO; it brings statistic of traffic sources and engagement of the sites with just a single click. – You can get a brief idea of a website’s popularity along with getting a detailed estimation of the traffic source that brings the user to the website – It provides you analytic data, the fame of the website, ranks, similarity, and metrics – Use of extension demands granting permission to catch the data of anonymized clickstream for providing data which are discussed in previous two points SimilarWeb

6. Check My Links

While working on a web page, if you found many links, you would need to check out whether all of them are working well or not. For a quick check, Check My Links is handy and helpful. – It finds out every link available on a web page for immediate analysis – It highlights broken and valid websites separately making it easier for link identifications

7. SEOquake

One SEOquake comprises of many tools that the usage depends on your specific SEO tasks you desire to pursue. It assists you to review all the main metrics in fractions of seconds. Along with running a thorough SEO audit, it also checks the mobile compatibility of a web page. – It can set parameters for a search query you perform. It could be default or custom-made in a wide range – The best possible part is that it checks out your site’s social statistics for Google+ and Facebook – It provides a comprehensive report of internal and external links and determines the density of keywords SEOquake

8. NoFollow

With the help of NoFollow, you can detect and outline nofollow links as well as meta tags with noindex on web-pages. Also features filtering of websites and custom CSS outline style. – It supports search engine particular robot meta tags – Nofollow enable or disable itself for defined websites

9. Page Load Time

The page loading speed is utterly important, as Google prepares its mobile-first index. The most crucial factor for any SEO expert is ranking and Page Load Time keeps an eye on it without being noticeable, unlike other Chrome extensions. – Every time a web page loads, this extension measures and highlights the time in seconds and shows it in the toolbar – The user can see the breakdown of the elements which requires to load the content of a page by clicking the icon of this extension

10. Open SEO Stats

An extension that can easily access the Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, and the Alexa Rank of a web page on which you are working or browsing. Also, it shows web rank and SEO stats as well as provides access to Whois, Geo IP Location, backlinks, indexed pages, and many other details. – Shows the statistics of traffic and graphs from Alexa traffic rank, compete rank and Quantcast rank – Exposes all the indexed pages in search engines like Ask, Baidu, Goo, Bing, Google, Soso, Yandex, Sogou, Yahoo, 360 – Provides the number of backlinks in search engines such as Google, Sogou, Alexa and Open Site Explorer Open SEO Stats

11. Redirect Path

The best trait of this extension is that you do not need to pay for accessing featured withheld or spammy ads. Isn’t is beneficial to avail redirect tracker and so that you do not have to be bullied to pay for it? It has other features jotted as under: – The Redirect Path flags up HTTP Status Codes such as 301, 302, 404, and 500 – No more checking of header status code, or no more wasting time to move down on an unending path. Redirect path gets you going

12. Page Analytics (by Google)

It allows you see the data from Google Analytics while browsing through a website. It also lets you know how the customers interact with your web page along with providing you information of what they click and what they don’t. – It allows you to use Google Analytics segmentation and date comparison tools from the extension – Viewing a web page with Google Analytics access, you get to see Google Analytics metrics like page-view, Bounce rate, Unique Page-views, and Avg time on page – It also shows the number of active visitors. By viewing how they interact with the site, you can optimize web page layout, enhance the user experience, and boost conversions Page Analytics

Takeaway Message

Using any of the above-mentioned Chrome Extensions you can help yourselves to achieve your SEO endeavors in a stipulated time. Moreover, you can customize your browser for better functionality of the Chrome. It makes easy for you to work on the project and helps you to implement it in the well-organized manner.

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