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Posted by Chirag Rawal

June 06, 2013

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11 Evidences To Prove Infographic As Rewarding Strategy

Since the beginning of Internet evolution, the demand of good website design and content has continued to hit the roof. It has become impossible for any online business to endure without implementing the best online advertising methods. Research has already proven that 98% of the customers use search engines only to contact those business which are listed in the top 10. Hence, sales will not be guaranteed until you develop a good relationship with the customers.

As millions of people are using internet to convey information, it has really become a daunting task to communicate with the audience effectively. So, one must needs to think out-of-box, in order to make the content eye-catching and to get an edge over the competitors. This is where the role of Infographics comes into the picture.

Infographics are visual representations of information which presents complex ideas with clarity, accuracy and competency. Not only it makes easy for the users to understand the complex information, but also saves a lot of time in reading.

However, many people are still not aware of the actual facts of Infographics. This method is often taken for granted, being compared with other graphs and charts. Though they include graphs to present some figures, they are considered to be an ideal way to narrate facts of the business in an easy manner.

Evidences To Prove Infographic As Rewarding Strategy - Blurbpoint


The following section will provide you with the prominent reasons for the significance of Infographics:

1. Information seems more alluring

With infographics, information can be presented in a more appealing manner. The utilization of bright colors, exciting graphics and a variety of fonts bring information to life. It indeed works more effectively than mere words and text. Since all the Infographics are created with different designs, one can also differentiate one from the others easily.

2. Simplifies the complexity

Infographics always allows to present key data points in an easy-to-digest way and lead your customers to relate better with your campaign. This helps to maintain strong relationships with the customers.

3. Grab attention of the viewers

The information in infographics is never represented by using bar charts or flow charts, but is displayed through visual representation by using the right patterns and shapes. They always let your customers to get the idea of the business in just a little time.

4. Easy to Understand

As infographics provide all the details in an easy and organized manner, one can easily deliver all the information by covering in one image. There is no need to waste hours trying to understand long pages of data or information one single glance at info graphic is enough to get the whole idea.

5. Eliminates Dullness

Complex information always seems boring to everyone. Nobody likes to spend their precious time understating complicated facts and figures. With Infographics you can easily generate your viewers’ interest to read about the services of your business.

6. Creates curiosity to read information

The design and the graphics of Infographics also fascinate those people who do not have any interest in reading any particular information. In Infographics, information is presented in such a way that is visually compelling and thus it keeps the readers engaged.

7. Hassle-free accessibility

One of the major benefits of Infographics is its accessibility. As long as person has the connection of internet, he will always be able to get whatever he wants. Moreover, it can also be printed on paper and can be used to convey information.

8. Deliver Influential Results

As Infographics are presented in a unique way and in a clear manner of arrangement, it always provides you desired results.

9. Easily understood and remembered

Visual data always proceed thousands times faster by human brain as compare to text. The presentation of bright colors, graphs and shapes enables Infographics to be easily understood and remembered by the people.

10. Avoids misconception

With Infographics, there are always fewer chances of misinterpretations. The things included in them never mislead anyone but brings straight to the point. However, one has to make sure that the choice of colors and shapes are appropriate for a particular fact.

11. Enhance your SEO efforts

Infographics can be easily used in multiple locations without worrying of getting penalized unlike text content that needs to be unique for each post. Every time you post your Infographics , you can provide back links to your blog and boost the traffic as well as its SEO rankings.

Closing Thoughts:

Infographicsis combination of writing, design and analysis of information which provides you an effective way to communicate your ideas to the millions of people easily. It is indeed one of the leading tools as it presents your content in an appealing manner and helps it to reach out the targeted audience. Though it requires a serious approach and time commitment, in return it always prove to be rewarding source for your site’s traffic and search ranking.


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