10 Stats That Will Make You Want to Invest in Power Of Content Marketing

Posted by Monish Vora

June 09, 2015

Content Marketing 4 min read

When you look at internet marketing, there is perhaps no single area that evolves faster or changes more frequently than content. From what you write and where you publish to how you disseminate that content and engage with readers, the ideology behind what’s effective and what isn’t is continually changing – and usually for the better. Throughout 2015, your content marketing success will depend on how well you can stick with the trends.

Although there are 90% organizations that feel that use content marketing, there are still some marketers who are skeptical about the effectiveness of content marketing. This infographic shares some stats on how content marketing proves to be effective and how marketers could leverage more from the power of this impactful element of inbound marketing.

Content Marketing Stats(1)


Content marketing, we believe, is the emerging face of digital marketing and content will be at the core of all meaningful consumer engagements. Companies need to address the challenges and opportunities that this will throw up. The key to success is making content meaningful and relevant to the consumer. Understanding the consumer journey and mapping content to the different stages of that journey is a task that companies need to undertake.



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