Learn Why Your eBook Is Failing To Connect With The Audience

Posted by Ajay Chandnani

August 28, 2013

Internet Marketing 19 min read

Online marketers have a fetish for page views. How ecstatic one feels when they see that weeks and days of hardwork in creating an e-book, has translated into success, getting thousands of hits and is paying off with the masses. However, the e-book which you have created is only a medium to get leads. And not only leads, they have to be sales qualified leads.

eBook Is Failing To Connect With The Audience

You have created a brilliant eBook and have sent a link to an extensive list, engaged in heavy promotions, and no one is downloading. Isn’t that heart shatterring? Here are some of the prevalent reasons, a number of link baits fail, also insights on how you could make your e-book promotion rock:

1.Lack of Enticing CTA’s: If you have been careless with your CTA’s, chances are that you might not get noticed by the visitors. The CTA’s should not be put just for the sake of it. In fact, it is a proven fact that CTA is a complex art. Some of the best practices have shown that, having a button that stands out from the rest of the page, grabs more attention resulting into more leads. At the same time, the text around the CTA should convey value, something that allures the visitors into clicking on your button or link.

2.You are messing up with your Landing Page: Landing Page creation is a serious art. You just can’t provide an excerpt from your eBook, or make your landing page look like a blog. Create a copy that converts. With the use of engaging headlines, present the benefits of the eBook, keep the language simple and succint. Don’t write too much, which could prove to be distracting for the page visitor. Keep the content concise, which filters the value very quickly.

3.Too much personal information asked on landing page: There are certain questions which should be avoided while asking the visitors to fill up the form on the landing page. Having said that, there are some questions which you should ask. You will see your conversions plunging when you ask for their social security number, marital status (why do you need that for an eBook), or phone number. A major number of visitors are not willing to give out too many details online.

4.No Value provided in the eBook: Ebooks should be incredibly sharp, informative, superb in design, well edited and the most important thing, it should be a product that came up after a lot of brainstorming and research. No one has time to read eBooks that are nasty by nature and look. A viral marketing campaign is only possible when a visitor finds your eBook impressive and is willing to share it with his/her network.

5.eBooks not promoted on Social Media: 1 out of every 7 individuals is currently using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other major network. Imagine the platform that you are getting through social media which has become a rage with all sections of people. Social sharing is not only a tool for promotion, it is an impactful way to drum up social signals, helping you in your SEO objectives for the landing page.

6.Wrong Topics: Would you write something on reciprocial linking or link exchanges? Probably not, as these topics wouldn’t provide the visitors any value. There is no gleam in these topics. They do not help in building your credibility. Cover only those topics which are fresh and relevant and provide some value to your readers.

7.No keyword in the eBook Titles: Online marketers now understand the role of organic search and how they could prove to be helpful in getting more leads. Your offers and titles should be optimized with the best keywords, so that you could get found of Google, Bing and other search channels.

8.Maybe your Buyer Personas are not looking for eBooks : Research more on what your Buyer Personas are looking for. If you are failing to convert with your eBooks, chances are that the targeted consumers are looking for other forms of content marketing. Check out other ways such as infographics, videos, webinars, checklists to ensure that you deliver what your buyer personas want to consume. It’s not like everyone like to dig out information only from long charts and graphs or from PDF documents.

9.You are not looking at the Metrics: There are some marketers who check the page views of their blogs to determine the topics that will best work, and there are some who go a little deep and see which topics help in getting more CTR. What do brilliant marketers do? They have a look at closed loop analytics to see which topics were successful in converting first time visitors into customers. Your metrics are the best determining factors that helps you in understanding what you should be writing.

10.Your don’t have an amazing Blog: eBooks supplement your content marketing strategy. Do yourself a favor by not skipping on the blog content. Concentrating only on your eBook marketing would prove to be a mistake as it could be just an extension. In order to build an audience following that converts into leads, you need to invest your resources in a quality blog content as well.

Though there are other forms of content marketing, I believe that an effective way of creating and promoting your e-book will definitely help in getting more leads. Remember, your e-book should have a unique value proposition in order to gain more audience.


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