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January 12, 2012

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Your World is at Your Google Search

A personal search is about to become a whole lot more personal as Google start offering ” Google Search, plus Your World”. And this update will change the complete face of the search, to pull your content from your world to create more social designed outcomes.

It’s another curve ball from a search engine, which has been moving toward the full privatization of search for some time now.  The official blog represents it as an opportunity for users signed in to see the shared content from online friends. In theory this should provide a dedicated stream of results, somewhere between traditional search and social network feeds. But how this is useful in real terms?

At least initially, this is only likely to affect those searchers who already have an account of + Google. The latest estimates indicate that there are currently 62 million users, which is only a small part of the number of searches conducted every day in a unique way beyond Facebook, which is now 800 million active members.

To avoid privacy concerns, it will be to serve opt-in/out, with the log is also required, and the potential impact on a large scale should not also be felt in the beginning. However, as is the case with all the things you do a Google world, you are likely to be the first step of many. Search engine wants to harness the social and all of the benefits and the evidence offered by the contexts. User activity through understanding trends, and in theory can better understand the intentions and provide search results accordingly.

So what is it?

Basically, your world provides users the opportunity to view the contents related to the searches they make on Google directly in the SERPs. If it was a friend and share the video search for something you associated with the word, must be returned as a result of this landmark (even if it has no effect on what you are actually looking for). You can also view social formations, and the latest updates of special knowledge, which makes it easy to find and contact your friends through a single query.

Google +1 button will play a key role in the results inevitably amended. Will be sharing this data between the network of friends and reported wages that everyone sees. While this can be a good way to share recommendations, it also has the potential to damage permanently with a specific search.

Consider how many good friends have very different views, and interests and views to yourself. Can political attitudes, loyalties and sports, and musical tastes, and even your sense of humor is an individual thing. Why their preferences to inform the results?

For me this was always the sticking point to discuss personal and social development. How on earth do the liquidation of dozens of people that you have a friendship, but so far a very small share in common with them? We are all different, and our own interests. If you have amassed thousands of followers and has developed an extensive network of friends,  these differences are certainly  going to be magnified.

What about SEO?
This will not change the need to carry out the optimization, in fact, it is likely that demonstrates the need to adhere to best practices and make a good impression on visitors. If your site is very well positioned, offers a unique content and a product that people are looking for, then they are much more likely to share this experience with others.

If anything, it has been integrated with the SEO in just social order and as soon as cross-cutting research and social development. The main objective is to ensure that the first site to be considered, regardless of the platform and the obstacles placed in front of you. Just because rankings are likely to get around accommodating the 60 million users individually, and this does not mean that organic results are defunct.

You can ignore the influence of social platforms on how your contents are being accessed by the peoples but due to the never ending advantages of the personalized results. I am just requesting you, please do not stop doing that yet.

Is it a Facebook Killer?

Answer is No, Well Facebook has missed one awesome facility which G+ has covered very wonderfully and this is that Facebook users cannot find their friends sharing in SERPs and here Google come with the biggest advantage of G+ as you can see your friends sharing in the SERPs in short Google has changed whole search engine into a Social Bookmarking Site. But still Facebook has over 800 million active users so this single powerful feature will not spoil Facebook.

While Google + has grown tremendously since it first opened to the general public in September last year, still lagging far behind its main competitors. If greater integration with the search results to turn that around is certainly open to debate, as for most of Google is just for search and Facebook is for socialization. Changing this attitude will take time and require a large change in user habits.

Facebook has been missing a trick when it comes to searching for friends. With Plus Your World showing user information straight off the bat, you can avoid a lot of the tip toeing involved in searching the largest social network.

What should we do now?

It makes no sense to claim that the rankings and visibility is not affected, however, most search results – particularly for niche terms – largely unaffected. As Google gets more social factors and customization, this will change. Local search can become a mess, especially with the predominance of maps and other items that are already part above the organic results.

Only time will tell what the scope of these changes will, but certainly should not look to give up on yet. Just make sure you have a one button on each page of your site and maybe try to develop or create a profile of Google  Plus (business and personal) to begin the commercialization which really matters the most.

This is not the last update that Google makes to its search results pages this year and I really don’t think so that this will be the biggest one. However, we may be edging towards a situation where they are likely to go all in with an integrated model for Social search. It really a good attempt to boost G+ popularity but still it all depend upon the peoples that how much they are comfortable with the privacy features or are they having a good useful result while personalization.

Well I wish Good Luck to Google but if they will fall flat it will be a bigger day for Bing first than for Google.

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