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September 12, 2013

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Win The Game Of Thrones With Linkable Assets

What is a linkable asset? For online marketers, there is only one single aim: build as many number of links as possible. However, the meaning of linkable assets is given in the name itself. Number one – it’s linkable – i.e. it is something people would love to link to. Number two – it is an asset – something that you own and control, and reap the benefits in the future. It is an altogether new generation of link building. The perceived value of a linkable asset is such, that people are compelled to create a link opportunity for you.

Win The Game

However, if your goal is only links, you aren’t exactly leveraging the full potential of your linkable assets and most likely losing on other opportunities. In other words, linkable assets are those which if used rightly, could fetch you high intent traffic, quality links from authoritative sources and qualified leads in addition to a number of other benefits.

Benefits of Linkable assets

They are numerous. First things first, your domains will continuously get links for a long time. It could get cited in all sorts of content, if found valuable. The followers of those who are citing, will see your linkable asset, thus making it a chain reaction.

The online presence of your website will grow dramatically, as a result of the linkable asset being hosted. This helps in gaining trust of the netizens, who will believe that you are the authority and biggest influencer in your industry niche.

What are those exceptional features of a linkable asset?

It’s perpetual: Any article, infographic, video and many such items, that get links even after month and years is what a linkable asset is made of. The content of such kind, should provide information that could last for a long while. They should not be short term and should attract comments and likes and shares for a long time to come. People should come back to your asset, thinking of it as an established guide for learning.

It is Shareable: The information given on your linkable asset should propel the people to share it with their network. Let’s take the example of The Beginner’s Guide To SEO by Moz.com. It is a comprehensive guide for all those who are willing to learn SEO, and till date it is considered as an undisputed guide with all the modules explaining in detail the various aspects of SEO. This guide has earned, and is still earning, increasing likes and shares from people around the globe even after years. Why? For the sheer fact that the content is liked by all, thus making it a linkable asset.

It shows your insight and authority: A linkable asset at once succeeds in establishing you as an authority. As mentioned in the last point, Moz.com is considered an authority, owing to all the wonderful resources that it releases. In addtion to the guide, they also have the search engine ranking factors released frequently, attracting a number of suggestions, likes and shares around the globe.

The most common linkable assets are….

How to’s or guides: Interested audience will always get attracted by a comprehensive guide on their desired subject. Internet has become the most reliable tool for those who want to learn new stuff. From practicing yoga to learning a recipe, and from knowing a manufacturing process to making a cake, people are searching for all the things on the web like never before. Such guides are always searched for and they stay there unaffected for a long time without requiring constant updates.

Infographics: Incorporating all the data into a graphical and colorful representation is likely to stay in the audience’s memory for a long time. They will naturally like the visual media as it is much easy to consume it.

Infographics are like a trojan horse for a link builder. You will be embraced with open arms from the authoritative websites and people from your industry if you are armed with a quality infographic.

Tools and Apps: A software that can help in increasing productivity for your users, can also help in getting a number of links. There are a number of examples in the form of desktop tools, or widgets or other applications that could play the role of a linkable asset. You will be definitely rewarded for all the hardwork required for creating an appealing application for your audience.

It is far more worthy investing your time and other resources on a linkable asset which will give you favourable results for a long, long time. It helps you in your SEO goals with natural links, adds quality to your website, helps the conversion process of visitors into customers and build a positive online reputation for you.

Want to know more on how you could create compelling linkable assets for a better online future. Want to know more on which are the other linkable assets that you could create. We have organized a webinar on linkable assets on the 27th of September. For more details, please click here. This information webinar will share some innovative ways with those who are looking for some informative ways to enhance their online marketing campaigns with linkable assets.

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