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Sanket Patel

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February 18, 2012

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Why Infographics Are So Important

What is Infographics:

An information graphic or an infographic is a visual narration of information, detail or knowledge. Infographics be used to explain complex data to a desired customer and audience. It really be very useful in developing information easy and may be more enjoyable and entertaining when read it. These graphics be used where tough or a whole lots of infomration requires to be explained in less time and that is clearly. Very useful, and attractive images that help to explain or to make any concept or subject less complicated.

Importance of infographics :

As infographics is the most effective way to know reader interest is to place these main points and statistics into an infographic. Infographics be helpful to improve the understanding of information or topics. With an attractive and engaging design, one can stop the person for a while to the site and then to know about the inforgraphics and to know that info in detail, and this way infographics be helpful to get more engagement of the visitor.

Developed and informative infographics are great links to share and publish, providing you more SEO value and be helpful to get higher ranking in search engine results.

So this way infographics be helpful to reader, visitor, they bring traffic and they build high quality incoming links to your site.

How To create infographics :

I : Ideology that suits in your industry and field.

N : Network. Know about the networking sites through which you can communicate with your customers and other people.

F : Find. Try to find out that what your prospects wants and get information about their needs.

O : Outline. Describe the tough subject and topic.

G : Try to make people known about the present events and make them aware with the global news.

R : Make research. Before creating infographics, make accurate observation for the statistics information on the specific topic or subject and then only describe it in the infographics.

A : Allow others to analyze and build ideas.

P : Picture, a path to describe idea easily and combine other words & plans in detail.

H : How to related topic and other process describe in the infographics

I : Identify exact position.

C : Creativity is the factor that plays major role in development of the infographics

Tools to create inforgraphics:
It is not enough to generally write about information but the world and people wants the visual representation of that data to be clear more. If you want to arrange your docs, blog posts and presentations there are some of the tools which you can make use of without any cost to get your infographics.

Wordle : Though this tool mentions itself as a toy for producing word clouds, it can be effective service to arrange your work. You can also develop your own word clouds, just include text to keywords that you want to make use of.

Goolge public data explorer : As IBM, Google has made a public version of one of its analusation tools. The search-engine company’s version is known as Public Data Explorer. And if you want to make comparison for any different information then you can do that also. To place your own ifomration, upload your detail. And an extra benefits, these charts can be embedded on your own website or blog.

Hohli : With Hohli, you can develop a chart and change its look and feel. Apart from describing a title, selecting your data points, and modifying the background, you can also share the time on different social media sites. Hohli also offers you to create other charts, adding scatter plots and other line charts.

Many Eyes : This IBM Research tool offer you two choices : an alternative to browse through existing sets of data, or use your own. If you have your own detail on hand, you can upload it to Many Eyes and design your own visualization. The best thing of this tool is that you have many various alternatives insofar as the final product, from getting a world map to a network diagram.

Visual.ly : This is a new tool, presenyly in personal beta, that offer you to create and share infographics. Visual.ly will make it easier to get more robust infographics that are less scientific and more user friendly.


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