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April 07, 2012

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Whether to go for On-page SEO or Link-building- Choice is All Yours

If you want to optimize the content of your website then it is one of the best options for you to go for On page SEO. On page SEO includes the text, images and links of your website. If you are uploading anything on your websites, it should be image or text or any link, it is known as On page SEO.

People are very confused about which service they should adopt in on-page tactics or in link-building. There are number of companies that may give you reply of such question. But, they are giving reply by concerning what they are giving to their clients. No one likes to hear answer: “It depends.” Let’s evaluate what happen if we are giving some percentage of priority to link building and on-page.

Case #1: The Authority

70% On-page, 30% Link-building

It is considered as established site that has a solid, trusted link profile and a good base of content. The Authority may suffer from below points:

  • Page TITLEs overlap or are duplicated
  • Keywords are cannibalized across many pages
  • Site architecture doesn’t reflect business goals
  • Keyword research is 5 years out of date
  • Internal links have grown like weeds
  • Old but valuable (i.e. linked-to) content is 404’ing

Case #2: The Perfectionist

30% On-page, 70% Link-building

If anyone is taking service of link building and on-page in such proportion then it is considered as “perfect” site. Now, he wants to know how to grasp 0.01% more SEO value out of an already superior URL with the help of one keyword.

Case #3: The Hot Mess

90% On-page, 10% Link-building

The Hot Mess is a fantasy of Google engineer as all the rules of on-page SEO is broken by it that offers best result for a while. “May Day” and “Panda” also come and after that, Google is disclosing penalizing for optimizing extra. The Hot Mess has let incredible drag out of control, including:

  • Nonsensical site architecture and internal linking
  • Excessive internal search, categories, and tags
  • Keyword stuffing that would embarrass 1998
  • Blocked crawl paths and bad redirects
  • Aggressive ad-to-content ratio
  • Extremely “thin” content
  • Massive URL-based duplication

Case #4: The Bad Boy

10% On-page, 90% Link-building

At last, discussing about Bad Boy, it broke all the rules, which are made by Google link-building playbook. This is considered as a large-scale devaluation or a Capital-P Penalty that includes

  • Aggressive anchor-text targeting
  • Link farms, networks and exchanges
  • Paid links
  • Excessive low-value links

After discussing all such points, I and of course, you got an ideas that On-page SEO and link-building are both essential. But, the thing is how significant each one is really depends on your existing strengths and weaknesses. It is advisable for you to follow a combination of unique content, an authoritative link profile, solid on-page structure, and substantive social presence. It is best for you to adopt diversity for future-proof your SEO.

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