Warnings for Unnatural Links

Posted by Sanket Patel

March 28, 2012

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Crucial Advice & Declaration from reformed link network spammer

Once upon a time, when there was link building was the simplest and easiest part of SEO work for anyone but there are some link network spammers who are relying on services with different names like blog networks and article networks. With the help of these SEO services, you are able to post the content to a network of websites with an aim of building links.

You can also find lots of networks that accept and actively motivated spun content as websites are not read by people. Many of you all have lots of sites that are penalized, re-included by using blog networks. Well now, it is not a clear and effective way so it is better to give up spam content. As we all know that Google was getting smarter and smarter so it is hard to survive with such networks.

Now, Google has revolved out panda in order to deal with a heavy blow to some blog and article networks which had paid no attention to users. When it comes to talking about starting this year then blog networks both private as well as public start getting the drop. In Google Webmaster tools, many webmasters have started receiving warnings, so those who are using manipulative or questionable tactics to build links are worried about it.

See the below image which shows an example of Google Webmaster Notice :

Google Webmaster Notice

There are some websites that have received this warning without penalties and some websites were penalized quickly. Now, the links have to take down in order to keep or regain rankings.

Recognizing posts from Blog Networks:

Lots of webmasters, website owners and SEOs don’t have any kind of idea that what Google is talking about when they got this warning for their website. If you are also facing this problem, then the first and essential step to fix this problem is to search for links that are unnatural. You are able to use tools also such as Open Site Explorer. Apart from this, you can also use Google webmaster in order to find bad or unnatural links.

The identifying marks of a blog network post are as follows:

  • Horrible content as well as bring an uninteresting template, you will ask yourself that why anyone ever subscribe to this blog?
  • Those topics which are unreliable and unrelated to the site’s theme and categorization is also very bad.
  • When there are least sections and author names.
  • If the posts tend to be 400-500 with 2-3 links per post.

Whenever you receive an unnatural link warning, it is good for you as you still have a good chance by which you will have huge links. Many of you also have a desire to get for footer/blogroll links, especially from irrelevant sites.

How to fix and come up from unnatural link penalties?

Well, there is one good way to Google’s good graces but make sure that it is not going to be fast and it is doubtful which your traffic will reach the same heights once if you relied on link networks or paid links to gain rankings.  You also have to make sure that you have to sacrifice all those links which are unnatural and spammy. You can submit a reconsideration request and can make a lawful backlink portfolio.

How to submit Reconsideration Request?

If your website received the warning of unnatural links then make sure to submit a reconsideration request as it is a very important step to follow in order to not get penalized. Dr Pete provides some advice regarding reconsideration request which are as follow:

  • Be honest, specific and detailed.
  • Show that you’ve made an effort.
  • Act like you mean it (better yet: mean it).

You give complete clarification that you have changed your views and strategies. One of the best ways to show your efforts is to include a link to an accessible Google Doc spreadsheet that shows the bad links that you can remove. You also ensure that be specific and give complete information on the re-inclusion request form:

You also have to make sure that you become open and specific about what you were doing and what you changed to comply with Google’s guidelines and what you will do going forward. Currently, there are various numbers of websites that are requesting inclusion, so make sure you’ve done a good cleanup.

Build a Legitimate Link Portfolio

There are some websites that have to start receiving warnings about unnatural links that have serious problems with the over-optimization of anchor text and links from low-quality sites. The low-quality websites refer to those sites which have little or no relevance, few incoming links, unnatural link portfolios of their own, and few branding signals.

Building links from legitimate sources is hard, and in competitive and boring industries it takes a lot of creativity and work. Some have taken this as a license to manipulate rankings and build spammy links.

As we all know that online world looks very interesting as the actual world. The secret of success in both is a unique selling point: what are the points that make you different or better than your competitors. The online business will profit in the same way that offline businesses did and continue to.

So, you make sure that if you get a warning for unnatural links then you submit a reconsideration request as mentioned above!!


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