Twitter Introduce ‘Welcome Back’ Feature To Engage With Previously Inactive Users - Blurbpoint

Posted by Sanket Patel

February 16, 2013

SMM 5 min read

In the world of social networks, Twitter has been gaining an immense popularity from the users because of its simple format and quick interaction. In spite of that, it looks like it wants to enhance active interaction between members of the service. It has been found that some users are getting a new message at the top of their stream on, notifying that a particular person is ”’back on Twitter”. It offers a simple ‘Compose Tweet’ button which allow to send a message to that person directly to the feed.

Twitter Welcome Back FeatureFred Wilson, a new-york based venture capitalist and blogger, has spotted this feature and mentioned on his AVC blog. It is common for any social network to have ‘inactive user’, but Twitter has specially seen many troubles in that area. In December 2012, the ratio of monthly active users of Twitter seemed to be 200 million, while some reports have put the number to over 500 million. This is obvious that some of them may attributed to fake, duplicate or spam accounts. By featuring such an account in the form of ”Welcome back” message, it can be said that Twitter is focusing on retaining the users who have tweeted again after a long time or who have reactivated a stagnant account.

However, it’s still remain uncleared that what caused Twitter to add this feature. But overall it seems to be good plan to welcome the inactive users and get them engaged.


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