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September 13, 2013

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Spend 50% of your Blog Post Time In Creating a Simply Irresistible Title

First impression is always the last impression. The title of your blog post plays a vital role for the visitors to decide to hang around on your blog for a while. For this you need to create a simply irresistible title. Mareketers who are taking the advantage of content marketing, need to understand that as much as the content, the title is the thing which will first grab the reader’s attention. Let’s understand why it matters to understand the perfect title.

Why your title matters?

Title Tag

It is the entrance gate to your content. The entrance gate at the front should have a flashy signboard, guiding the entrants rather than having a lackluster signboard, which doesn’t even bother to know you are coming in or not.

To maximize the traffic to your blog, not only do you need to write an alluring post, but also an enticing title. The title need to be designed in a manner so that they attract audience and the search engines alike.

What your blog title should consist of?

A blog title must mandatorily fulfil the following requirements:

* Stimulate curiosity and excitement

* Should clarify the purpose of your title

* Should have a reason to propel immediate action

* Optimize the title with the best keywords

Writing the title should be taken as seriously as writing an actual post. Marketing companies spend hours, and sometimes, days if necessary in creating a title. Half the battle is won if you get a good headline. So, how do you do it? Here are 5 tips for writing a compelling blog title that will attract more readers.

Be Candid:

Title Tag

It is vital to be creative with the usage of words. It is equally important to keep them transparent and accurate. Don’t show a big picture to your visitors, after which they land on your conversion page. Imagine the frustration they will have to go through. Sell the purpose of your article in a straightforward manner.

Focus on the message and you will be able to meet your conversion goals, slowly but surely. Let your readers know what they will get by clicking on the title.

Keep the Title concise:

Shorter titles win over long, descriptive and boring titles. Include something innovative, but also make sure that it’s short and precise. You will only lose readers by misleading them with attractive titles that lead to a thin content or totally irrelevant article. People like to know what somethingis all about and your title is the best thing to help them with this. Titles with eight words or less than that works best with the readers. So, strike a balance between the title and the content that belongs to it.

Don’t make any promises you can’t keep:

Boasting that you know how to “Reach The First Page Of Google”, will be a hyperbole. Your visitors want accurate information. The reason why they click on your title to know more is because they are curious about a particular topic. So, it’s safe to just say what you are going to deliver.

Include long tail keywords:

Your targeted audience will enter some keywords in the search box on major search engines to get desired results. It is, therefore, very significant to do a thorough research on the kind of keywords that they enter. Based on this research, include very specific keywords, which are best known as long tail keywords, in your title. This attracts the audience and also helps the search engines to present you article to the audience.

Sense of urgency:

Let the title show some emergency. Create a fear of loss, that is the audience should think that they might miss on something if they don’t read the post. Include some phrases like “Must Read”, or “Should Know Facts”, which would make them come to the edge of the seat to read your post. Just make sure that the content justifies the sense of urgency shown in the title. It is vital that you give your title a careful consideration. I hope this blog post has thrown a spotlight on some valuable insights into the significance of an effective blog title.

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