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July 25, 2013

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Social Media Strategies for 2013 and Beyond – Part 1

Hello Folks, I am Anal Bhatt, SEO expert representing our most popular service “Ask An SEO Expert” service. I have just released a new video sharing some wonderful strategies for achieving success in Social Media. We had been getting many queries on the same and decided to come up with a video to share some eye-popping strategies.

2012 has seen some massive changes in social media, and so has the strategies that need to be implemented for getting sure-shot success from the same. The video in 2 parts discusses how exactly could you leverage more from social media based on the updates so as to create the maximum brand awareness.

The first sequence of this video is based on the strategies that you could implement for generating more out of Facebook and Twitter.


1) Global Brand Pages
Facebook page managers had to choose between keeping up multiple brand pages or maintaining one brand page with generic content. Keeping this in mind, the updated version of global brand pages was released in October 2012. With the help of Global Pages, marketers are now able to maintain just one Facebook page URL that will direct the fans to different versions of the page, based on their location. This update enables the job of maintaining a profile page easy, efficient and effective.

2) Facebook Ads Only For Mobile
Over the past few years, mobile devices have become a significant part in all marketers agenda. Gone are the days when your prospects would only sit down on their desktop PC’s and browse for companies or some products or services. Things are moving at a fast pace and so are the prospects, who are accessing internet on the move on their mobile devices. Initially, Facebook was only allowing marketers to have a package deal and pay for ads which would appear on both desktops and mobiles. However, the scenario has changed and marketers are able to get Facebook Ads only for mobiles as well.

3) Facebook Targeting Options
Looking to get more responsive audience? Dive in to segmentation. Facebook has continuously updated the targeting options. It now includes targeting age, gender, relationship status, education details, workplace details including the language and location preferences.

4) Open Graph Applications
Facebook has now enabled the Open Graph application, which allows third-party developers to automatically share user engagement after they get the permission from someone. As a result of this, marketers are now able to reach a user’s following, which automatically helps in enlarging their reach.

5) Facebook Buys Instagram
One of the biggest news stories of this year was that Facebook bought out of Instagram for a whopping one billion bucks. It is advisable to all the online marketers in 2013 to look at Instagram with respect and consider integrating it into their marketing campaigns. With a mind-blowing user base of over 50 million, it provides the perfect opportunity to get presence in front of a large audience.


1) Tailored Trends
Twitter trends have increased in popularity along with that of Twitter. Tailored trends takes into account a user’s interests, followers, and location. Tailored Trends is the most efficient way for marketers to immediately find out all this details, and possibly even do some newsjacking.

2) Cover Photos
Twitter followed Facebook and announced cover photos on a user or company’s profile page. Marketers now have more real estate to promote their company and give followers a better feel of what the company is all about. The new look adds some flavor and visual personality to a Twitter account.

3) Targeting By Interest Or Username
Twitter paid advertising gives marketer the option to target the audience by their interest or username. When targeting by interest, Twitter looks at who the user is talking about, following, and what keywords he or she is using. When targeting by username, Twitter looks at other people who are similar to the username. This update allows marketers to segment efficiently during their paid advertising to reach a huge number of people with interests that are more aligned.

4) LinkedIn and Twitter Break up
Remember one of the biggest changes marketers saw in LinkedIn & Twitter? The end of their partnership. Earlier users were able to post updates on LinkedIn through their Twitter accounts. The end of their partnership marked the end of users having the ability to do this. Users are still able to post to Twitter from LinkedIn , but they cannot post to LinkedIn from Twitter, which is affecting many online marketers who had synced up the two for a more streamlined social media management experience.

We hope that this video will serve as a great platform for all those who are looking for some new strategies to get a massive exposure on social media networking websites. If you have any questions or queries on the tactics discussed here, kindly get in touch with us.

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