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December 08, 2011

Ninja Guide to Social Bookmarking: How to do it ?

What is Social Bookmarking ?

The basic concept behind social bookmarking is same like in past time, when we want to save our favorite site reference directly on computer “favorite” option is available. Nowadays, this option knows by name of “bookmark”. You can see this bookmark option in Mozilla Firefox browser and there is special toolbar for it, Social Bookmarking are also same like bookmarks the difference is just that in social bookmarking we are saving our favorites on the web and also allows others to have a look of our sharing.

Let’s understand some key feature of Social Bookmarking:

Origins: Social bookmarking comes in existence in 1996. A social bookmarking is introduced by a site name ItList. In present ItList site does not have any existence on web. ItList site allows its users to do a public bookmarking as well as private bookmarking to get popularity on Internet. After this, all other companies are taken same idea of ItList and improved their site models. With site model changes they also added a new feature in there sites that is of website sharing on a single click of button and able to manage their bookmark site in folders. From this time social bookmarking gets popularity and comes in Internet market with a wide space.

Accessibility: From beginning of social bookmarking, social bookmarks are saved on Internet database.  By this reason, bookmarks are able to easy access from any where in world where an Internet connection is available. Some of the site wants to login to user view their bookmark; some sites are provides an option of publicly viewable or viewable to subscriber only. By having this nature, social bookmarks gets popularity in socialization and mostly companies are allowing their bookmarks for public viewable.

Tagging: When you are doing bookmarking of your site, you have to add tag to indicate matter of site subject.  Tags are simple words or phrase. These tags are helping to increase search of bookmarks of the site on bases of these tags. Some of the applications are allowing to user to adding tags automatically in bookmark but generally it is done by manually. Manually addition of tag is time consuming and wants more concentration during addition.

Search Engine Optimization: In SEO, social bookmarking is used as a tool to increase site rank, incoming traffic on site and to get visibility in search engine. A strong competition is going in Internet communities to increase a volume of traffic on there sites. To completing this aim they are using SEO technique. If any user consistently doing a bookmarking of his site and pages without updating site content, or by contributing in a social networks, at that time that bookmarks consider as a self promotion which called as “spamming“ and this bookmarks become negotiable for managers of social bookmarking site.

Networking: Bookmarks get saves on an Internet database because of this they are easily sharable with other also. So, this type of bookmarking is called as “Social bookmarking”.  Each tag creates its own page on Internet, which contain short list of links related to that tag and these links are shared by others. With bookmarking feature some of the applications like twitter, stumbleUpon, facebook providing a social networking feature also to there users.  Networking include all things like, email, forums, RSS feed, instant messaging and etc.

Popular sites: Some of the popular sites of social bookmarking are StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us and Digg. After ItList, delicious become second most popular site for social bookmarking and it was introduced in 2003. Delicious reintroduced the bookmarking term as “Social Bookmarking”. After delicious, StumbleUpon allows its user to make search with there interest categories and get new website related to search on there single click. And Digg becomes one of the most popular bookmarking site which added syndication, blogging and bookmarking as features in it.

Widgets: At the end of the social bookmarking websites, a tiny buttons are obtainable that called widgets through which reader can share this article with other people. These widgets are separate in nature; it can be seeing as an icon for popular social bookmarking sites. Contents are also obtainable for download by content producers. And these sites also enable users to bookmark a single online document to a multitude of social bookmarking websites.

Advantages of social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is used to share our web site with other and increase site popularity to get more visitors and business from an Internet.

Some of the sites are providing an opportunity to users to drive more and more traffic on their sites. Digg and Del.icio.us are one of best leading websites of social bookmarking which giving an opportunity to their user to get huge amount of traffic very fast, with high quality back links on their site.  Social bookmarking sites are offering the best VIRAL traffic. And as we all know in the internet age, there’s no better form of advertising than that.

All business owners know that mostly trustworthy customers are comes from reference of someone else. And in social bookmarking when your post get viral will always results in more referral traffic or potential costumers.

To increase your site views from an online bookmarking site, you have to update your site content and it must be an informative for readers, this will help you to increase your site listing and bring it on front page of bookmarking sites. From this, you get a huge amount of visitor on your web pages.

Due to this, a number of visitors are increases on your site and there are chances of increasing of visitor’s numbers up to 10,000 in single day. You get this result when your site is present on front page of bookmarking sites Digg and Del.icio.us alone. This will provide you a reference links and you know you did not need to take directly it in to account of blogger, website owner or search engine visitors who posted your link on to their site or forum. This will help to generate a compound traffic for your site. Now that’s real viral marketing!!!

A fact of social bookmarking is that, social bookmarking site are most popular and having higher page rank in Google search engine. Social bookmarking site are always visited by search engine spider and your submitted site link is also indexed more frequently due to this reason. So, it will help your site to get indexed and get higher page rank by an organic listing.

You can see an effect of this that more and more people are bookmarking you site who are coming from search engines, so its site popularity is also increased and it is noticed by social site as well as search engines also. Here, one important cycle should be completed.

Online bookmarking is a growing trend and successful online marketing strategies involve social bookmarking as a necessary, even essential component. Contact us if you need help with social bookmarking for your website.

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