Posted by Anant Patel

April 12, 2010

SEO SMM 7 min read

Social Bookmarking and Web traffic

We are all in a process to find a way to increase website traffic and ultimately attract more people to visit our websites. Here are some tips that I want to share with you all, they do take some work but, the results are great too.

Now, you can use traditional forms of advertising or more innovative methods to drive traffic to your website. one popular way to increase visitors to a website is through Social Bookmarking. The undermentioned simple tips will help to increase web traffic with Social Bookmarking sites.

We often came to hear the Social Bookmarking term a lot, so what exactly can you do to use Social Bookmarking to your advantage to increase website traffic?

Manual social bookmarking provides the Internet users with the flexibility to save and share the web pages that they like among others. It helps people to share, organize, search, and manage online bookmarks of websites. A array of Social Bookmarking services are available which will allow you to organize your bookmarks. Many of the top Social Bookmarking sites have high Google Pageranks(PR’s) and hundreds of thousands of active users who are searching for your particular information in the niche that you are in. Submitting your link, or website address to these websites could dramatically increase your website traffic immediately.

The significant benefit of social bookmarking is that it increases the page rank of your site. It happens because when Google crawls these sites, it find links on these sites going back to you (which is also called as Back Link). The PR of your site will go up and you will get listed in Google faster, and to increase website traffic this is what you want. Google will send you the most Targeted website traffic that you will ever get.

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