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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

August 18, 2012

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Six common SEO mistake that needs Everyone’s Attention

There is a presence of few mistakes in SEO people usually happens while optimizing their websites, and which needed to be corrected or avoided. There are some simple guidelines needed to be followed to know how your site will perform in search engine result pages. So we need to focus on certain things that need to be improved.
So let’s talk about some SEO challenges and problems that SEO people are facing now days and how a little shift in our thinking may hold simple but effective solutions.

1) The challenge of keyword research: Keyword research is one of the most important factors in SEO so you should carefully choose them before start optimizing. Everyone obviously wants to optimize for those main keyword phrases which are highly competitive. So choose keywords which are not too general because they are already optimized by many websites. Now you should find your own niche keywords you rank for and optimize your website for it.

2) The challenge of optimizing your page:  The common problem people faces is that they don’t know which page more relevant for targeted keywords. So choose pages which are highly related with your keywords. Content is the brain of your page, so focus on number of keywords you want to target and where to put those keywords. Content is king for SEO, so build quality content by aggregating the popular words, phrases and sentences and prioritize your pages. Write some unique original content which your visitors find interesting and useful. If you have done good keyword research then this is the best way to optimize your keyword phrase at the right place.

3) Problems Getting Large E-Commerce Sites Indexed: To optimize ecommerce sites is the biggest because other website also sales the same product with similar product  description which causes duplicated content issue. E-commerce sites have faced a number of unique SEO problems because e-commerce sites have large number of pages with product descriptions and differentiate that descriptions used by competing sites selling similar products. So Group your similar pages by category wise select preferred page out of group and implement canonical on that. Use different titles and Meta tags for each product page. Create XML and HTML sitemaps, so it will be helpful for both users and search engines to identify your web pages. Also provide easy navigation to your users.

4) Offering links on your website for money: Many people create websites for only link selling purposes. In such cases, search engine will penalize those sites. So you have to exchange a links from those websites which are really related with your website and business. Avoid any spam techniques to improve your website ranking.

5) Technical Problems: If your site has technical problems then you never be in top pages of SERP. So always be careful about technical issues that are the most common problems we encounter as an SEO. So keep in mind all these points when you start optimizing your site

* Redirection: You have to do proper redirection of your pages and be careful about www resolve problem.
* Sitemap: Sitemap is the most important factor, and using it search engine will recognize your pages easily.
* Robots.txt: Robots.txt is necessary for excluding your pages from search engine crawler.
* Site Speed: Site speed is always beneficial for a better user experience.

6) Overcoming your Competitor’s by giving best profile links:
* Earn more qualitative links than your competitor & try alternate keywords that could help in attracting same visitors.
* Update your blogs regularly and promote those blogs on social media sites so that they can become really beneficial in getting huge amount of visitors.
* Optimize Anchor text by implementing natural link building strategy.


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