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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

June 10, 2010

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SEO Tips: Title Optimization

An interesting aspect of SEO that many people tend to overlook is the webpage title. Optimization of the title of the web page is an essential activity for pulling in a good amount of search engine traffic. Considering that the ultimate aim of search engine optimization services is to bring in as much traffic as possible and hence optimization of the title of your web page becomes a simple necessity as it can become a major contributor to traffic. Here are some basic tips to getting the most optimal website title to pull in all that search traffic:

– A smart title pulls the crowd
When searching for information, you will always be looking out for titles that are clear and provide the information that you want. Keeping that in mind design titles that are catchy and clear, thus delivering the right ideas.

– Unique titles
The titles should be unique to each page as the content of each page is unique too. The titles should convey the content of the page in a resourceful manner.

– Avoid common errors
Simple errors that people commonly make are having the same titles for several web pages or even using the organization’s name for web page titles. Both of these should be avoided.


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