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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

July 10, 2010

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SE Ranking VS Spamming

One way of doing spamming is when you get links to your site through abusing the comment fields of innocent sites. By creating dubious inbound links to their site spammers are often trying to improve their site’s organic search ranking. However, doing this you choose to exploit other people’s hard work and lowering the quality of the web, transforming a potentially good resource of additional information into a junk of nonsense keywords.

Many websites are now built with the objective of gaining Search Engine Rankings, rather than its usefulness. So, do not think email is not only spam we sometimes have to deal with, but we may need to wade through several webpages before we find “the one we meant to get”. Google has got some algorithm through which they discover those alterations and tackle them. Google is quite smart at devaluing these types of links.

It’s a fact that many bloggers have no idea what spam comment is before exploring the blogosphere and the search engine world. They now have a better understanding of it and realizing what spam comments are that they did it so many times and sooner or later it will hunt them back. You might have done the same thing, when posting a comment on others blog posts you also leave a link to your blog.

Because of the importance of search engines spam indexing is less effective. It is possible to exploit the results in major search engine through a variety of factors like contents and links. Altogether a link spammer might spend hours doing spam link drops which would count for little or nothing. So instead of doing spamming it he can use this energy and time for productive things that would provide much more value for one’s site in the long run.


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