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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 11, 2012

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Remember All the Basics in this Bright SEO Future

Finally, we made it to April and I am saying it with more joy than before, since March was one of the craziest months for SEO. Through March, if you have already made it without an email from Google or penalty from Google or drop in Google organic search traffic because of Panda updates.

Well, Holy haberdashery, Batman” March 2012 was one of the history books but now, it’s all over. After sometime, it will be back to business as usual or will it?

All the current and latest Google news make me feel wondering: So, where the heck do we go from here? And Panda 3.4 is already out and Google has already killed/ is killing paid link networks.

Recently, Google also declared that they might be rewrite your title tags if they select it also. And Google also make it very clear that their priorities are all about Google+ and social media. So, all we have is:

  1. Build a tremendous website.
  2. Build brand gratitude, authority and trust.
  3. Produce best content – all the time.
  4. Apply SEO basics & advanced strategies (on-site).
  5. Build links, but avoid paid link networks.
  6. Track everything!
  7. Test to optimize conversion and implement changes as necessary.
  8. Repeat.

In many years, this list has not changed. Well, in this list, there are some important points that are not included but that is basically the same SEO game plan which we have been already talking. For many of you, the most sarcastic thing is that the latest and greatest SEO news is that there are various e-commerce websites which are struggling with these traditional, old school and SEO strategies.

For e.g. there are lots of people who are reading this that having worked with big brands. Those websites have massive numbers of customers and visitors. They are also getting huge traffic and they also pump a lot of money into marketing their brand. In SEM, big and popular brands are much active and they also have great numbers of products and services and also stellar customer service.

Right Now, businesses are looking good for them. Some of the big and popular brands are going about their business and they are also doing best that they can optimize their complex sites.

There are lots of websites which are not have been hit by panda. For link building, those websites are not penalized due to they never attempted to buy links. From all these websites, some websites are too big and much technical in order to buy in advanced SEO strategies.

At advanced and popular SEO strategies, there are some brands which are not succeeding. Even they are getting quite modern day SEO items implemented and they are falling at lots of aspects of traditional SEO as well.

Popular & Big Brands still have huge opportunity in Search!!

Well, I love to work with big brand websites because there are huge potential for growth:

  • In all various domain metrics, big brands rend to score high: PageRank, Brand trust, domain history etc, website authority.
  • These websites are also getting lots of traffic and gives me a lot of data to work with for analyzing SEO changes and any additional conversion-related tests.
  • Google always favors for large and big brands and also implementing SEO basics on fortune 1000 websites yields impressive results.

For Websites, what are easy SEO wins?

There are some other basics which are getting missed and you have to check your own campaigns for:

1.      Via robots.txt, search access to important pages!

2.      ALT tags on product pages and category.

3.      Rel-canonical tag implementation

4.      Open graph tag implementation

5.      Possibilities of duplication of Meta description, Meta keywords tags, title tags and more.

6.      Accurate use of 301redirects.

7.      Updated XML sitemaps

8.      Accidental use of noindex and or nofollow directives on important pages!

In order to check these items on regular basis, I have used some tools that are: SEOmoz Tools, In-house, proprietary tools and Xenu Link Sleuth & Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

Get the Basics and Push Forward!

So, getting the basics is much important in order to push forward. Well there are lots of SEO items that I already mention in this article and those items are easy to check and lots of industrious entrepreneurial SEOs out there have written programs to analyze sites.

Through new and latest opportunities and shifting tides, it is key to ensure your SEO basics are still implemented correctly.


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