Pay Attention Small Website Owners – Guide to Make your Website Google-Proved

Posted by Sanket Patel

July 23, 2013

SEO 15 min read

With the frequent shaking and trembling from Google, it has really been a frightening night for many webmasters regarding their sites. They are just frightened whether their sites are going to be affected or not? Is Google trying to provide the most relevant search results through these frequent algorithmic updates, it has really made the night of many website owners a frightened one. If your business has been affected by the recent algorithmic Penguin update, then the time has finally come to follow these steps which have been stated as the Google Proved Steps.

Well, fortunately, there are definitely different steps and methods which a business can undergo only to improve their rankings and visibility on the search results page. Hence, follow these steps:

Don’t just hover just over Links: Even some years back, it was just a good idea for many webmasters to only concentrate on link building for their sites as it was proved to be something worth in the eyes of Google. But time and arena have just changed for now. Google nowadays only concentrate on quality links and links coming from quality sites. Just concentrating on building thousand of links won’t help for your site. It would be considered Spam. Hence, it is always better not to buy links and only to concentrate on building quality backlinks for your site.

Say “No” to Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is generally referred to as the same content which could be found somewhere on other sites. However, this is not considered as reliable and Google might ban your site as it would be considered Spam. Hence, it is always better to provide fresh, unique and interesting content on your site. This might persuade your visitor’s interest and they would be more interested to stick to your site for a longer period. Thus, it reduces the bounce rate of your content writing company site.

Stop Stuffing Keywords, use it naturally:

Well, this is another important point which needs to be keeping in mind. Keywords definitely play the most important role as these are the phrases that other people might search on search engines to get small businesses like yours. So, all you need to do is to incorporate these keywords into your text so that it gets indexed and more visitors can actually find your content from the search engine. Therefore, using those keywords in a natural way is what Google likes. Stuffing your content with excess keywords which are actually not needed is definitely considered spam. So, it is always suggested to use keywords that are only necessary for your content. At the same time, you can also opt for long-tail keywords for bringing variation to your content. This is what is most appreciated by Google indeed.

Have Google+ Connectivity: Yes, this is true that if you have got Google+ connectivity, then it is considered relevant and good in Google’s eye. Connecting your Google+ account is definitely considered a critical step for many business owners to rank their sites well in the industry. However, Google+ has truly gained a significant position because Google truly favours content producers or site owners who have taken out their valuable time to create a Google+ account and connect it. Hence, if you don’t want your website to slip away its ranks from the search results page, then opting for this advice immediately would surely be a great help.

Create Fresh and Informative Content: A valuable content surely plays an important role for your site and it in fact plays as the backbone for your site. Well, this is true that both visitors and search engine do appreciate fresh and unique content. Hence, providing content that is unique and informative is surely appreciated by visitors. Providing interesting and informative content might persuade your visitor’s interests and they might find it interesting enough. Thus, they would like to return back to your sites over and over again.

Therefore, if your sites have been affected and you have committed these mistakes in your sites as highlighted above, then following these tips and tricks would help to avoid might help your site to overlook these mistakes from committing it again. Therefore, helping your site not to get hammered by the Penguin-Panda algorithmic updates from Google and your site would be able to gain a significant position in the eyes of Google.


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