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Posted by Sanket Patel

March 31, 2012

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In coming weeks, Google has been encrypting search beyond, announced by Google. Primarily, secure search is used by Google in order to enable its “Search Plus Your World” personalized results. It means SPYW is expected to enlarge further than the US. Now, search marketers may see increased percentage of “not provided” data.

Comparing Secure Search with Search Plus Your World

There are many things that can be changed by Google, one of them is that now, people can get secure searching via a secure connection while they are making into This can be introduced with an intention to increase privacy. It prohibited other users from “eavesdropping” on what they might be finding of. One can get clear idea about of why blocking eavesdropping threats was so essential to Google.

New “Search Plus Your World” service is also launched by Google that generates more searches result, which is very helpful for revealing information about particular searchers who could be recognized. In order to prevent very personal searches from being unintentionally unveiled, secure searching was required.

At the time of introducing “Search Plus Your World” only people, who are searching at in English, are getting advantage of it.

Search plus your world

As we all know that secure searching was an originator to ‘Search Plus Your World’ so with the expansion of this search, it can be seen as harbinger that SPYW will expand.

Now, Google is ready to expand this kind of protection by introducing SSL search beyond to our local domains around the world. You must be thinking what local domains are, it is country-specific versions of Google such as (Google UK) or (Google France) in place of

Not Provided Withholding To Expand

Now, publishers will not get search terms that they are using by them in order to reach their sites, apart from ads that they may have placed. Due to this, many issues are rising such as anti-trust implications, hypocrisy, etc.

Firstly, only “single-digit” percentages of their Google search-related visits data can be seen by publishers, said by Google. It can be supposed that publishers see result of over 10% of searches. The part of the coming secure search rollout will be increased by these “not provided” searches.

Aside to secure searching, Google also introduces share access feature in GWT, which is one of the best Google webmaster tools that measures data and filter out for webmasters.

By going through above conversation, we are concluding that how SSL encryption will be expanded beyond to “increase the privacy and security of your web searches.”  It continues to purposely leave an excuse that gives advantages itself directly and its paid advertisers, which is unsatisfactory.


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