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Posted by Anant Patel

November 23, 2012

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Make SEO Easy- Top 5 Tools for Chrome

When you are an SEO person you cannot think of grooming up your work without the right tools in place. And when it comes to SEO you need perfection because there are diplomacies to be played.

As here the tools to be discussed are of Chrome, so emphasizing on the same, it’s not an old player but surely you can find out very advantageous tools for your help. If you are into a habit of using variety of web browsers then you’ll be surely brain washed after reading this article.


  • Not Anywhere – This is what almost all the users love about Chrome tools. Definitely not at all complicated, if you have lots of tasks to do, and you end up leaving a note on the web-pages that you are surfing and just leave your system and go, then the Note Anywhere tool will do all for you. this tool keeps all the added notes as it is and gives you the same shape whenever you are back. This is a great tool for those who spends a lot of time doing multiple tasks.
  • Firebug – Do you want to know the codes of your competitors website? Then this is the tool for you, it enables you to know the codes of your competitors and even helps you to get yours too. Hearty thanks to this tool, now you can take the leverage of many tags and tweaks that can become your rank booster. But for beginners, its better if you don’t risk it. It is an expert’s cup of tea
  • MozBar– This is that you may call a core SEO tool, and many analysts have said the same. It is inculcated with numerous features and you can use them with ease. Also you will e to access metrics and an easy gulp of all the information that you need.
  • IE Tab– It lets you surf net as you are in surfing Internet Explorer. And thus makes it an useful tool in many cases. You are still in your work if in case your Chrome is sickly loading your web page. Also if you want-to cross check your website ranking, then its best for you.
  • SEO SERP– If you are someone who always breathes in hurry, then this is a time saving tool for you. it can be used for many, you can check your ranking too. Exactly you just need to type the keywords you are looking for, and then select the search engine and also just fill up the websites you want to check, that’s all rest is SERP’s task. Also you can know what the top ranked website are, in short your competitors.  

So now your whole SEO task can be managed well by using the above mentioned tools. I have mentioned the best ones, there are still many more that can be your helpers. So use them and worship your time by saving it. 

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