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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

January 25, 2012

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Inbound Marketing Tips For Successful Online Business.


Links generating with significant value has become increasingly difficult in recent years as Google continuously updating its link spam algorithms to make a web spam free. Many webmasters had stated that link building is no more important to get higher ranking. But the fact is totally opposite as algorithms are still highly depends on backlinks to give your site higher ranking. This is the reason billions of spam links produce every day and more and more  online communities, blogs and forums are tightening preventing spam by entering plugins, stripping tags and actually limits opportunities that spammers can get a link from the site – the reality is that unless you’re a great brand with a large customer base equally which maximally focuses on e-mail marketing and social media as this platforms are just best to promote their services and products, But for small and newly started businesses email marketing and social media doesn’t work well as they didn’t have huge fan following and supporters like brands have so the possibility of acquiring backlinks for a small or medium business will be more difficult.

More and more emphasis will be placed on devising innovative and creative ways to generate links, of course, even more in 2012, as incoming links will remains the strongest factor in search ranking, As many companies of same industry are competing each other to be at the top of search engines Google also keep on improving its algorithms to fight against spam- So only those will win who have a ability to create a most genuine link portfolio with the great content and most unique context.

Social Weight & Signals

It’s a fact that social metrics currently affecting rankings in search engines and in 2012 achieving higher ranking will be impossible without social signals.

There are already hundreds of companies selling ‘ Like’, ‘retweets’ and’ +1s “, however, in an attempt to manipulate search engines into thinking that these pages are licensed and reliable, so it will be interesting to see how Google addresses this later in the year. But personally I just want to advise you please don’t participate into any campaign which promises you the thousand likes in a month as this is totally a worthless investment as many companies use a fake ids to increase likes so its totally useless to have a fake fans as all you need is a social media campaign which introduce your website to the real peoples who are looking for the services which you are providing.

If you have a online business and have not any social profile for your website so you are loosing the greatest opportunities to interact with the users who may looking for the same product and services which you are providing so start it now frankly speaking having a good social profiles is essential for every online business.

Rich Snippet Markup

The implementation of rich markup fragment of websites using micro data has grown substantially in 2011. What this does is again more relevant information in the search results to the lists for certain types of content such as events, reviews and authorship. While the implementation of rich markup snippet currently has no direct influence on the ranking of pages to bear, it’s probably only a matter of time before being included in Google’s algorithm.

Using a rich markup snippet on your website tells the search engines much more about your content, it allows them to get a better assessment as to whether your content is more appropriate for a particular query. The more information you provide and the more relevant your content appears to be in search engines, chances are that over time, your content will be an advantage over competitors – by all means possible.


While Google still maintain the majority of the market share of search engines is essential for any website that focus primarily on the ranking and search engine (s) and do everything possible to influence possibilities. Welcome Google Plus.

Although not frequently used by the current out of the sphere of technology / digital, Google usually intensify their efforts to combine its search platform with its social platform. This includes public opinion “vote” of web pages on the web by using a button – that would be a fool not to use Google + and make sure you are doing everything possible to encourage interaction and participation for your content through Google + because it is the perfect leverage for Google to use their own social platform as a direct social signal (one of many) of ranking web pages, allows them to encourage the entire web to use + Google. Google in an attempt to compete with Facebook in the social field.

More Creative and Inspiring Ideas

As with anything on the web, is only a matter of time before an idea is exploited, too much dead and finally abused until the method is devalued / frowned upon by many. 2011 was the year of guest blogs and infographics, the two methods of link building / link baiting have experienced considerable mass attention – but by the every passes month the degradation of the quality and uniqueness has been seen.

2012 will undoubtedly see a new idea, a new way to create buzz around a topic. It could be a new social media website or can be a tool / application may be the next step evolved from guest blogs and graphics to create links. Well it’s impossible to know what it will be but it will happen and become the next big thing at least for a short period of time.


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